Everything You Need To Know About Rhodiola Rosea Extract
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1. What is Rhodiola Rosea extract?

Rhodiola Rosea extract is a plant that has been very important in the traditional medical field over the years. This flowering herb thrives the best in cold region with high altitude, particularly in Europe, Asia as well as Alaska. Iceland, Greece and France are among the countries where the use of Rhodiola rosea extract has been prominent over the years. For instance, in Greece, the effectiveness of Rhodiola rosea was recognized way back in the first century AD.

One major advantage of Rhodiola rosea extract (97404-52-9) over other conventional medicines and some other supplements is that it has minimal side effect risks. This is because it is a natural remedy without possibly harmful elements, as it is the case with other artificial options.

2. Rhodiola Rosea extract uses

Rhodiola rosea extract uses including stress adaptation, physical and mental performance enhancement, and to minimize the severity of the generalized anxiety disorder symptoms or stress-induced eating disorders.

  • Physical and mental performance

Some of the users of Rhodiola rosea take products made from the extracts of the plant to improve their physical performance or mental concentration and reasoning. The use is backed by the findings of some studies which show that the plant’s extracts can reduce physical as well as mental fatigue, particularly when someone is under a stressful situation.

As such, some students take advantage of the Rhodiola rosea memory boosting property by taking the extract’s pill before going to sit for their exams for better concentration and reasoning capability. Even during their normal learning lessons, the students also benefits from the Rhodiola rosea memory boosting property for improved learning ability and cognitive functions.

Several research publications in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine also highlight Rhodiola rosea memory improvement capability. They show that the extract was effective in reducing the physical and mental fatigue that the involved subjects experienced, thus better memory.

  • Depression and anxiety

A study that involved ten people who took a daily Rhodiola rosea extract dosage of 340 mg for ten weeks had evidence suggesting that the extract is capable of reducing generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. Another Phytomedicine research that involved 57 people showed that the Rhodiola rosea caused a reduction of the severity of depression symptoms after taking the herbal extract for 12 weeks.

Another study shows that an extract of Rhodiola rosea can reduce the severity of the anxiety and the depression that people with generalized anxiety disorder experience.

Furthermore, there are several studies that show the capability of Rhdiola rosea to improve a person’s concentration and minimize fatigue. One of them looked at 60 people, including women and men.

They were grouped into two, with each of one belonging to one of the groups receiving a daily Rhodiola rosea extract dosage of 576 milligrams (mg). The other group was put in placebo. The findings showed that the group that received the herbal extract experienced fatigue relief and concentrated better in various tasks as compared to the placebo group.

So, based on these studies, some people who are suffering from depression and/or anxiety seek relief of the disorders’ symptoms from the products made from Rhodiola rose.

  • Heart damage as a result of epirubicin medication

Some of the studies conducted so far about the functionality of Rhodiola rosea extract show that it contains salidroside, which has the capability of minimizing the damaging effects of a chemotherapy drug called epirubicin. The extract is effective in this if it is taken one week prior to and during a chemotherapy session.

  • To improve athletic performance

Another study conducted in 2009 involved 15 college-age women placed into two groups as the subjects of the study. Each of the women in one of the groups was given a high Rhodiola rosea extract dosage while the other group was put on a placebo. The researchers noted that the women who were put on Rhodiola rosea extract dosage managed to run faster as compared to the placebo group.

However, another research suggests that the extract is only effective in enhancing athletic performance if it used for a short time but not long-term.

  • Gall bladder cancer symptoms

Early studies show that rhodiola offers some gall bladder cancer benefits. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have the ability to minimize the relapse of the cancer.

  • Premature ejaculation

Some of the men who have minimal control over their ejaculations also take an extract of Rhodiola roses in order to manage to prolong the sexual pleasure time before ejaculation.

Research shows that particular products with the extract and other ingredients as part of their components can increase the duration it takes for a sexually aroused man to ejaculate. However, the conclusion of the research indicates the need for further studies on the subject matter to confirm the suggestion.

  • Stress

From workplace pressure and family issues to anxiety-filled school life, people are prone to different life situations. Some seek stress relief from products containing Rhodiola rosea extract. According to early research, taking a particular extract of the plant before taking breakfast and lunch meals can reduce stress symptoms among people going through various stressful situations.


Everything You Need To Know About Rhodiola Rosea Extract


3. Rhodiola rosea extract dosage

Rhodiola extract dosage is mostly available as capsules or tablets. You can also get it in tea form. However, the majority of the extract’s users prefer it in pill form as it is easier for them to maintain accurate dosing while in this form as compared when it is in the tea form.

The extract is effective the most if taken on an empty stomach. However, it shouldn’t be taken before bedtime because it has some mild stimulatory effect that might negatively interfere with a user’s sleep pattern if taken just before bedtime.

The appropriate Rhodiola rosea extract dosage varies from one situation to another, depending on the purpose for which it is intended to serve. For instance, if one is taking it for stress relief or to reduce the severity of depression symptoms, the recommended dosage ranges from 400 mg to 600 mg. The amount should be taken in a single dose daily.

If you intend to take the extract to boost your physical exercise (such as athletics) performance, the recommended dose ranges from 200 mg to 300 mg. You should take this Rhodiola rosea extract dosage about one or two hours before the exercise.

4. Rhodiola rosea extract benefits

Various studies have been carried over the years, and more are still underway to establish and confirm the effectiveness of the plant and its qualifications for inclusion in various treatment plans.

So far, is believed, and some studies have confirmed that Rhodiola rosea extract can be used to treat various health concerns including anxiety, headaches, fatigue, depression symptoms, anemia and heart disorders, for instance, irregular heartbeat among others. Besides, some people use Rhodiola rosea to get more stamina, strength, or mental clarity or even longer.

The following are some of the major Rhodiola rosea extract benefits:

  • Stress reduction

For many years, Rhodiola has been recognized as an effective adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural substance that improves a person’s resistance to stress in various ways. Research shows that when you take an adaptogen when undergoing a stressful circumstance, it (the adaptogen) will make your stress-resistance ability increase, thus enabling you to handle the situation better.

In a study to investigate Rhodiola extract’s effects on humans, 101 people who are experiencing life and work-related stress were used as the participants of the study. Each of them was given a Rhodiola rosea extract dosage of 400 mg every day for four weeks. Eventually, the researchers found out that the extract’s dosage improved various stress symptoms such as fatigue, burnout, extreme tiredness and anxiety significantly from the initial three days to the remaining duration of the study.

  • Fatigue relief

Fatigue, a feeling of physical and/or mental tiredness, could be a result of various factors, including stress, anxiety, and lack of enough sleep. Fortunately, Rhodiola’s adaptogenic properties can improve various fatigue symptoms.

In one study to establish the effect of the plant’s extract on the quality of life of 60 people with stress-related fatigue, the participants were divided into two groups. All the participants in one of the groups was given 576 mg of Rhodiola daily for four weeks. Each of the people in the other group were given a placebo pill daily.

At the end of the study, the researchers noted that Rhodiola extract improved the fatigue symptoms better than the placebo. The participants who were in the Rhodiola’s treatment course experienced lower fatigue levels, better mood and improved concentration/attention. Overall, the group had better quality life by the end of the study as compared to their counterparts in the other group.

That’s a good proof that fatigue relief is one of the Rhodiola rosea extract benefits.

  • Depression symptom relief

Depression is a serious mental disorder that negatively affects your feelings and actions. it’s suspected that the condition occurs as a result of neurotransmitter imbalance. Antidepressants are the effective remedy for depression, and Rhodiola rosea is among the antidepressants which have been found to assist in the correction of the imbalance of the brain chemicals.

In a study to investigate the effectiveness of Rhodiola rosea among people with depression symptoms, 89 participants suffering from mild to moderate depression were divided into two groups. One of the groups was put in Rhodiola extract treatment where was given 340 mg or 680 mg dosage of the extract on daily basis while the rest in the other group were put on placebo.

The researchers observed that those who received Rhodiola extract treatment experienced remarkable improvement as far as the overall depression, sleep quality and emotional stability are concerned. On the other hand, the placebo group didn’t show any depression symptom improvement.

  • Exercise performance improvement 

Rhodiola can also improve your exercise performance. In a study to establish the effectiveness of the plant’s extract on exercise performance, some of the participants were given a Rhodiola rosea extract dose of 200 mg two hours prior to a cycling test. The rest were given a placebo pill each within but still two hours to the test.

The researchers found out that the participants who were given Rhodiola pills managed to exercise about 24 seconds longer as compared to those who were on a placebo.

Another study shows that Rhodiola can increase a person’s running speed significantly if taken in the appropriate dosage (3 mg of it per kilogram of a person’s body weight or 1.4 mg per pound) an hour before a race or running exercise. Nevertheless, the extract won’t have any effect on your power or muscle strength.

  • Diabetes control

Rhodiola can also help in the control of diabetes, a disease that’s characterized by high blood sugar levels due to the body’s decreased ability to produce or react appropriately to insulin. The recent animal research indicates that Rhodiola can help in diabetes control by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the glucose transporter number in the blood.

Relying on the results, some medical experts highly suspect that Rhodiola could also be effective in controlling diabetes among humans. However, they emphasize on the need for further research to confirm this.


Everything You Need To Know About Rhodiola Rosea Extract


5. Rhodiola rosea extract used to improve brain function

Brain health is very important in a person’s life. Proper nutrition, physical and mental exercises as well as ample sleep come in handy for healthy brain function maintenance and brain function improvement. Some supplements, such as Rhodiola rosea extract, can also improve your brain function.

In one of the recent studies to establish the effectiveness of the extract on brain function, 56 physicians with metal fatigue were used as the subjects of the study. Some of them received 170 mg of Rhodiola daily while the others were given placebo pills (one pill per person) daily for two weeks.

The researchers found out that the participants who Rhodiola treatment experienced less fatigue, and their performance on work-related activities improved by 20%. Overall, they had better brain function improvement as compared to the placebo group’s.

6. Rhodiola rosea extract powder for sale

You don’t have to go out there looking for a Rhodiola rosea plant to get its extract. There’s ready-made Rhodiola rosea extract powder for sale that you can get hassle-free online or from physically from your local store.

However, as buy Rhodiola rosea extract powder, it important to know that Rhodiola rosea extract for sale are likely to be adulterated, depending on the Rhodiola rosea extract supplier involved. To avoid adulteration risk, you should ensure that the Rhodiola rosea extract supplier you are about to source from is reputable, licensed and preferably with the USP or NSF seal.

7. Where to buy Rhodiola rosea extract powder in bulk?

You can Buy Rhodiola rosea extract powder in bulk online or physically from a local drug store.  If you search for “Rhodiola rosea extract supplier” online, you might see a list of tens of suppliers.

However, you need to know that not every one of them is genuine. Some of them could be outright scammers while others sell you substandard products. Only a section of them is genuine and you’ll discover them upon doing a thorough background check or through referral by an honest person.

In case you want to buy Rhodiola rosea extract powder in bulk, you need to ensure that you deal with a trustworthy and licensed Rhodiola rosea extract supplier. Perform due diligence to ensure that you got as much information as you can be regarding the supplier to make a prudent decision.



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