The Ultimate Guide to Garlic Extract for Weight Loss
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Garlic has long been used for treating a wide variety of illnesses and modern science has confirmed many of its health benefits. This herb actually belongs to the species of onion and is also related to chives and leeks. It originates from Siberia but has, later on, spread to some other parts of the world.

Garlic Extract is said to be effective in treating heart diseases and can effectively regulate high blood pressure. It can also treat the hardening of arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Above all, garlic is effective at helping one to lose weight.

Garlic is not only useful in the field of medicine. It’s also very useful for preparing delicious foods and beverages. This herb is a popular ingredient in various delicacies around the world and is usually made into garlic oil, garlic powder, and more.

It has been found to produce a chemical known as allicin. This is the chemical compound in garlic that’s responsible for producing its smell and curing a wide range of medical conditions. There are some garlic-based products that were made odorless through the aging process.

However, aging the garlic can also make it less effective. It may be a good idea to opt for coated garlic supplements that get dissolved in the intestine instead of the stomach.


1. How Does Garlic Extract Work?

So, what makes garlic so effective? As mentioned, it is allicin that’s mainly responsible for making garlic effective at curing a wide range of medical conditions.

Garlic supplements and medications have allicin in them that will work to treat you of your illnesses.


The Ultimate Guide to Garlic Extract for Weight Loss


2. Garlic Extract Uses

Below are the various Garlic Extract Uses in the field of medicine.

  • Treats Diabetes

Garlic has been found to modestly minimize the pre-meal increase of blood sugar levels among people suffering from diabetes and those without the condition.

It’s been found to work best on diabetic patients, especially when taken for three consecutive months. However, it’s not known if garlic can minimize blood sugar level post-meal.

  • Helps with Atherosclerosis

As we age, our arteries can no longer stretch. But garlic has the ability to prevent this from happening. If you take a garlic powder supplement such as Allicor, INAT-Farma, twice a day for 24 consecutive months, you’ll be able to minimize the hardening of the arteries.

Studies show that taking higher doses of this product will be more beneficial for women than men in a 4-year period. Research has been done on some other garlic-based products containing other ingredients as well. This also resulted in positive results.

  • Could Treat Prostate Cancer

In a study done on a group of men from China who ate a clove of garlic every day, it was found that their risk of developing prostate cancer got lower. Furthermore, population research has shown that eating garlic can help lower the risk of prostate cancer.

However, another research done in a group of men from Iran shows that consuming garlic doesn’t affect the risk of prostate cancer. Early research has suggested that consuming supplements made with garlic extract can help lower the risk of prostate cancer while also minimizing the symptoms associated with it.

  • Lowers Cholesterol Level

Even though not all research would agree, however, some reliable evidence suggests that consuming garlic may help reduce the body’s overall cholesterol level as well as the LDL or the bad cholesterol, on people suffering from hyperlipidemia.

Garlic has also been found to work even more effectively when taken daily for eight consecutive weeks. But consuming garlic will not increase the good cholesterol or HDL. It also won’t lower the level of fats in the blood known as triglycerides.

  • Balances High Blood Pressure

It’s been found that taking garlic orally may help lower systolic blood pressure to around 7 to 9 mmHg as well as diastolic blood pressure to around 4 to 6 mmHg for those suffering from high blood pressure.

  • Treats Athlete’s Foot

The gel containing ajoene is also effective at treating Athlete’s foot. In fact, even the gel that contains only 1% of ajoene has been found to be truly effective at curing athlete’s foot. It is said to be as effective as Lamisil, a popular medicine used for treating Athlete’s foot.

  • Prevents Tick Bites

Studies show that people who ate a high amount of garlic in a period of 8 weeks have a lower number of tick bites. However, it is not yet known how garlic will fare when compared to commercial tick repellants.

  • Treats Ringworm

Applying gel that contains 0.6% ajoene, a chemical compound from garlic for a week, twice a day, can effectively treat ringworm. This is also the same for jock itch or tinea cruris. Treating the itch with a gel that contains ajoene may help treat this condition.


The Ultimate Guide to Garlic Extract for Weight Loss


3. Garlic Extract Benefits

Below are the main Garlic Extract Benefits:

  • Comes with Potent Medicinal Properties

As mentioned, garlic is a type of herb belonging to the family of onion. It’s a close relative of leeks and shallots. Every segment of the garlic bulb is referred to as the clove.

Generally, a single bulb of garlic has about 10 to 20 cloves. Garlic is now easily available in various parts of the world. It’s one of the main ingredients in various delicacies due to its delicious taste and strong smell.

All throughout history, garlic’s main use is in the field of medicine. It’s well documented by various civilizations including the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, and Romans.

Scientists are aware that most of the garlic’s health benefits are due to the presence of sulfur compounds that will be produced after the clove is crushed. The most popular of all these is allicin. But allicin is somewhat unstable and can only be derived after cutting or crushing the fresh garlic.

  • Boosts Immunity

In studies done on test tubes, it seems that garlic may be able to kill cancer cells. According to the study of Iowa Women’s Health, which involves 41,000 middle-aged women who ate garlic routinely, along with fruits and vegetables, their risk of developing colon cancer has gone down to about 35%.

  • Can Be Used as an Anti-Inflammatory

Studies show that garlic oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory. If you’re suffering from inflamed or sore muscles and joints, simply rub them with oil and you should experience relief.

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

It’s still not clear whether garlic is truly effective at improving one’s level of cholesterol, however, research does show that it may have a positive impact on your blood pressure and arteries. Researchers believe that the red blood cells can convert the sulfur into hydrogen sulfide gas, which will expand the blood vessels, making it easier to regulate blood pressure level.

Researchers believe that the red blood cells can convert the sulfur into hydrogen sulfide gas that could expand the blood vessels, which makes it easier to regulate the level of blood pressure.

The German Commission that function in the same way as the US Food and Drug Administration recommends taking at least 4 grams of garlic every day. This is equivalent to a large-sized garlic clove. Doing so can minimize your risk of developing heart diseases.

  • Improves Hair and Skin

The antibacterial and antioxidant properties on garlic may help to give you clearer skin by killing the bacteria that’s responsible for acne.

Some research suggests that rubbing a small amount of raw garlic on pimples can help to clear them away. But take note that doing this could trigger a burning sensation that some people might find uncomfortable.

  • Protects Food

The antibacterial properties found in fresh garlic are effective at killing the bacteria that could cause food poisoning such as E.coli and salmonella. However, it’s not advised to use garlic as a substitute for food sanitation.

  • Good Solution for Athlete’s Foot

Garlic can effectively fight fungus. If you are suffering from Athlete’s foot, simply drench your feet in garlic water. You can also rub raw garlic directly on your feet to kill the fungus that’s causing the itchiness on your foot.


4. Garlic Extract Dosage

Most studies recommend a garlic extract dosage of around 600 to 1,200 mg per day and usually divided into several doses. In order for the garlic extract to be effective, the minimum dose required is a single clove of garlic. It must be taken with meals 2 -3 times per day.

Aged garlic is very common when it comes to supplementation, as it doesn’t have the scent of garlic that some people hate. It’s also recommended to consume garlic directly from food although the strong scent might put you off.

It’s not a good idea to put the garlic on the microwave as it could partially destroy the beneficial components of the herb. However, roasting and grilling the garlic should be fine, as it will not damage the bioactive in it, for as long as it is crushed or sliced.

It’s not also advised to consume garlic in high doses because this can be toxic. Garlic supplementation should not go beyond 5 percent of your diet.

This is the maximum recommended dosage based on the person’s weight:

  • 17 g – 150lb person
  • 7 g – 200lb person
  • 4 g – 250lb person


The Ultimate Guide to Garlic Extract for Weight Loss


5. Garlic Extract Use for Weight Loss

Garlic does come with many health benefits but one of its biggest benefits is its ability to help someone lose weight. But the garlic extract weight loss will depend on the way you consume it. Its effectiveness will also depend on how it’s processed and prepared.

Garlic can also help to boost one’s level of energy. It can help you to effectively burn calories while also maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, it’s an appetite suppressant and will keep you full for a longer time, which prevents overeating.


6. Garlic Extract Use to Protect the Skin

When using garlic extract for skin, you can benefit from its powerful antioxidants. It also has antimicrobial properties that can do wonders for your skin.

Skin aging is often a result of stress, inflammation, an unhealthy lifestyle, and genes. The S-allyl cysteine, a compound from garlic, may help protect your skin from wrinkling and UV damage.

The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in garlic can help minimize oxygen radicals that could reduce stress.


The Ultimate Guide to Garlic Extract for Weight Loss


7. Garlic Extract for Sale

Given the many benefits of garlic, it’s time to supplement your body with this amazing herb. You can buy garlic extract supplements anywhere these days.

In fact, a simple search of garlic extract for sale online will lead to tons of results. But in order to get the most out of these supplements, make sure you buy only from a reliable garlic extract supplier.


8. Where to Buy Garlic Extract Powder in Bulk?

The best way to save money on garlic extracts is to buy them in bulk. Buying them individually can be costly and it’s important to note that it may take several weeks or months of taking the supplements before you can see the results.

Again, when you buy garlic extract powder in bulk, make sure you deal only with a reliable supplier.