The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss
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1. What is Kidney Bean extract?

The White Kidney Bean extract is one of those supplements you’ll come across when looking for an effective weight loss supplement in the market. Also known as the Phaseolus vulgaris, this supplement is made using white kidney beans and is being marketed as a starch neutralizer or starch blocker.

By inhibiting digestion, the starches that you consume are left undigested or the amount of starches you digest will be decreased. The starches will be excreted and therefore, your body will not absorb their calories. Instead, it is fed into the colonic bacteria to be fermented.

When administered to people who are not dieting or those who don’t limit their carb consumption, the white kidney bean extract can help to reduce body fat, resulting in weight loss. Furthermore, the white kidney bean extract can help to alleviate the increase of fat gain as well as blood parameters such as blood glucose and triglycerides.

The white kidney bean extract may also help to prevent colon cancer in the same way that the soluble fiber would.


The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss


2. How Does the Kidney Bean Extract Work?

The enzymes found in the pancreas and saliva will digest the carbs that you consume. The white kidney bean plant will produce several of the α-amylase blockers that will serve as defense mechanisms from mammals and insects that feed on them.

The α-amylase blocker from the white kidney beans is known as α-AI1. This is an active component that works against human’s α-amylases. It blocks the carbohydrate and binds with the α-amylase enzyme in order to prevent access to starch. In doing so, the starch will not get spoiled and only a few simple sugars will be absorbed in the intestines.

Below are the factors that could affect the way this blocker works:

  • PH Level: Its activity will be highest during slightly acidic conditions.
  • Time: The optimal blocking activity is generally achieved after about 10 to 40 min.

There are several other active compounds in the white kidney beans and these include the phytohemagglutinin, which binds to the small intestine’s inner surface. This can trigger the release of hormones that can promote satiety.

These hormones are known as the glucagon and cholecystokinin and may help to prevent the release of a hunger-causing hormone known as ghrelin. As a result, your appetite will be suppressed and binge eating can be prevented.


3. Kidney Bean Extract Uses

Aside from helping one to lose weight, the white kidney bean extract is believed to have several other benefits, such as minimizing the risk of colon cancer and lowering the level of blood sugar and fat.

But it’s worth noting that the FDA has not yet approved the kidney bean extract as a treatment for any condition. Just like with the other supplements in the market, there is a lack of solid clinical research on the kidney bean extract benefits.

There are regulations set for the manufacturing standards of the supplements. However, this is still not a guarantee that they are safe to use. It is always recommended to consult with medical professionals before you start using the white kidney bean extract in order to prevent unexpected interactions.

  • Appetite Curbing

When taken along with a meal after fasting for 12 hours, the Beanblock has been shown to reduce appetite and minimize the production of ghrelin, the hormone that could trigger hunger. It has also been found to prevent the increase of glucose and insulin level. This was based on a small trial done on a group of 12 healthy individuals.

When consumed for 12 straight weeks, the Beanblock has been found to help reduce appetite and body weight, as well as oxidative damage on the clinical trial done on 60 individuals who were overweight.

In another study involving 39 overweight individuals, they were asked to take a combination of artichoke and kidney bean extracts. This has resulted in the reduction of appetite and the level of blood sugar. Furthermore, Beanblock has been found to reduce food consumption based on the three studies conducted on mice and rats.

Again, these pieces of evidence are pretty limited and they are mainly based on small studies done on animals. In addition, the manufacturer has funded them.

  • Blood Sugar Reduction

A small clinical test was also done on 18 individuals who took the supplement in different doses while eating 1/3 and 2/3 of carbs respectively. The result was compared to the control group.

Meanwhile, in the three studies conducted on rats, the white kidney bean containing α-amylase blocker has been found to significantly reduce the level of blood sugars among the individuals involved in the study.

However, the evidence claiming that the white kidney bean extract can lower insulin and blood sugar is poor. Furthermore, these studies were very small.

  • Weight Loss

The first commercially produced bean extracts come with a low α-amylase blocker activity, which has 6 to 8 times more of the carbohydrate blocker. It has broken down the α-amylases from the mouth as well as the small intestine and minimized the activity of the intestinal α-amylase of starch digestion on the two trials done where 11 people were involved.

Daily consumption of the extract before eating a meal that’s rich in carbohydrates for a month has led to a reduction of fat mass, body weight, and body mass index. It has also led to the reduction of the thigh and hip sizes and has helped users to maintain lean body mass. This was based on the observation of 60 overweight individuals.

Phase 2 was taken along with a low-calorie diet, which is around 1,800 calories in a day and combined with some exercises. But this small trial, which was done on 25 overweight individuals, did not result in weight loss. However, those individuals who had eaten the most carbs were able to lose more weight and experienced a significant reduction in their waist circumference.

In a study that was done on 100 overweight individuals, another commercially produced extract was taken before meals along with a low-calorie diet. This was for a period of 12 weeks. 79 percent of all the people who participated and have continued taking the extract for 12 more weeks along with a non-restrictive diet were able to maintain their weight.

On two studies involving a group of obese rats and another group of healthy rats, the α-amylase blocker has been found to reduce the amount of body fats but did not experience a reduction of lean body weight.

As of the moment, the kidney bean extract weight loss benefits are supported by limited and low-quality evidence. So far, the clinical trials conducted were very small and the manufacturers themselves fund the tests conducted on these commercial extracts. Most of the studies show that the IQP-PV-101 may indeed help one to lose weight but not to the extent of what most of these companies are claiming.

  • Fat Level Reduction

In a trial done on 27 obese individuals, Phase 2 has been found to have no effects on weight loss, however, it did lower the level of blood triglyceride after eight weeks.

A supplement that was made with a combination of carob and white kidney bean extracts has resulted in the increased elimination of triglycerides or fats in the feces as well as the reduction of cholesterol levels in the 62 overweight and obese individuals.

Although most of the studies have promising results, the evidence supporting the consumption of white kidney bean extracts for the lowering of blood fats is not sufficient.


The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss


4. Kidney Bean Extract Dosage

The kidney bean extract are widely available for purchase online these days. A simple search of kidney bean extract for sale will lead to tons of results.

Of course, you can also get these products over the counter. There are pharmacies and specialty stores selling dietary supplements that sell the kidney bean extracts. Most of these products come in the form of capsules and tablets although there are also powders that you can add on juices and smoothies.

According to some studies, the recommended kidney bean extract dosage is at 445 mg to 1500 per day. But this was based on a study published in 2011.

5. Kidney Bean Extract Use for Weight Loss

If you’re not following any diet but you are taking the white bean extract before a meal consisting of heavy carbs, you are likely to burn calories and reduce your weight. This actually works in the same manner as those diet plans that would encourage the regular intake of low carb meals.

But the biggest benefit of taking the white kidney bean extrac ts is that there’s no need to limit your consumption of carbo-loaded foods. Even when you are taking the supplement before a heavy meal that consists of a pizza or burger, the supplement can help to balance your calorie surplus.

The supplement also keeps you feeling energized and your blood glucose level will remain in check. Above all, you will be able to reduce your body weight.


The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Bean Extract for Weight Loss


6. Kidney Bean Extract for Sale

Most of the dietary supplements for weight loss come with an expensive price tag. However, the best thing about kidney bean extract is that they come at very reasonable prices.

For as long as you deal with the right kidney bean extract supplier, you are guaranteed to enjoy its amazing benefits.

As mentioned above, the kidney bean extract may help you to lose weight while also providing a wealth of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Above all, you will feel full for a long time, which minimizes those unhealthy cravings.

7. Where to Buy Kidney Bean Extract Powder in Bulk?

So you might be wondering where you can buy Kidney Bean extract powder in bulk? These supplements can be easily purchased online and in some of the pharmaceutical stores near you. You’ll find it being sold in Amazon and some other leading online stores.

But before you buy from any kidney bean extract supplier make sure they are FDA-approved to ensure that they are safe for use. The FDA will test and examine the supplements before they will be distributed in the market.

If the product is FDA-approved, this means that it can be safely consumed by consumers. It’s also recommended to read reviews from other buyers to know if the product is really safe for consumption. Of course, the supplier that has lots of positive reviews will ensure that they are selling authentic and safe products.

If possible, try to reach out to the reviewer to verify if they have tried using the products personally. Be very careful with buying from suppliers that sell their products at a very cheap price. Thee products might be fake and may come with dangerous side effects.