Everything You Need to Know About Oyster Extract
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When looking for the best health supplements online, you’ll surely come across the Oyster extract health supplement. It’s certainly one of the best supplements out there that can provide you with tons of health benefits.

Looking for the best supplement nowadays can be daunting. Sure, you can simply go online to search, but you’ll be provided with thousands of options. Of course, you don’t have the time to check every single one of them. Also, all of them claim to be the best and offer varying health benefits that can even lead to confusion.

Others would resort to taking multivitamins. These types of supplements contain several different kinds of vitamins and minerals, along with other ingredients. While taking multivitamins is great, it is not a one-stop solution for providing your body with the nutrient that it needs. Also, buying several supplements to experiment is not that practical. Furthermore, introducing different kinds of supplements to your body can lead to an imbalance that will only put your health in danger.

So now the question is, which supplement is truly worth your money? The answer is the oyster extract. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the oyster extracts supplements and find out more about its many benefits.

1. What is Oyster Extract? 

The supplement is derived from the meat of the oyster and not from the shell as what many people thought. Although it will seem logical that the Oyster extracts could come from the oyster shell, this is not really the case for these supplements. The extracts used in making these supplements were derived after the meat is cleaned and depurated. It is then processed and made into capsules, powder, and tablets.

So why use the oyster extracts? In case you’re not aware, the oyster is a great source of micronutrient. It contains a good amount of zinc, next only to red meat. You can basically get from oyster all the nutrients that your body needs. Now that it’s made into supplements, providing your body with these essential nutrients would be a breeze. Since oysters are high in zinc, these supplements are highly recommended to those who are deficient in this nutrient. This is a very important nutrient that helps your immune system and improves your body’s metabolism function.

Everything You Need to Know About Oyster Extract

Below are people who can greatly benefit from oyster extracts:

  • Vegans and vegetarians – red meat has a good amount of zinc. So if you don’t have enough meat in your diet, you could deprive yourself of this essential nutrient. Therefore, taking the oyster extract supplement is highly recommended.
  • People who drink too much alcohol
  • Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have the tendency to give off lots of zinc due to constant sweat will also benefit from these supplements.
  • The elderly, since their body is no longer capable of absorbing and processing zinc.
  • Men who are sexually active tend to lose lots of zinc because of the sperm that they release. Thus, the oyster extract can be a great way to supplement your body with zinc.

It’s also worth noting that oyster contains lots of powerful nutrients including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. They also have iron, calcium, selenium, and proteins. Not only that, the oyster extract has plenty of antioxidants, which is why one of the Oyster extract benefits is to protect your body from various illnesses. All in all, oyster contains 19 different amino acids, 12 different vitamins, as well as 59 trace elements. The supplement also contains oil and several essential fats.

Taking a dose of the oyster extracts can improve your sexual performance, immune system, as well as cardiovascular health. What’s more, the oyster extract has been found to help improve your eyesight and provide you with anti-aging benefits.

But the best part about using the supplements derived from oyster extracts is that you don’t need to eat a single amount of oyster. This is such a relief especially to those who hated the taste and smell of this seafood.

2. Oyster Extract Uses

Thanks to the bioactive compound found in oysters, there are several Oyster extract uses that you can benefit from. The bioactive compound could affect your blood’s capacity for antioxidants by increasing your body’s ability to produce glutathione. Glutathione is an important antioxidant in the body as it helps to keep your body protected from stress resulting from oxidation.

By increasing the production of glutathione, symptoms of oxidative damage will be reduced for up to 90 percent. You will eventually notice a significant reduction of fatigue and premature aging. Your overall sexual health will also be improved and so as your body’s immune system.

Everything You Need to Know About Oyster Extract

3. Oyster Extract Dosage

When it comes to the Oyster extract dosage, this will pretty much depend on the form of oyster supplements that you take. For instance, if you are taking the powdered version, the daily recommended dosage is 500 mg. You can take this dosage amount in three separate times within the 24-hour period.

On the other hand, if you are taking the capsule form, it’s recommended to take four capsules each day, starting in the morning, before you eat your breakfast. Make sure you drink a glass of water when taking these capsules.

It’s also a good idea to consult your physician before you take this supplement. Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to the Oyster extract dosage that’s right for you. This is especially true if you’re also taking medications for other illnesses since the supplement might interfere with your medication.

4. Oyster Extract Benefits

When it comes to the Oyster extract benefits, you’ll find tons of them, but here are some of the biggest benefits:

  • Sexual Boost

When it comes to improving your sexual function, the oyster extract can benefit you by providing you with two essential nutrients – Vitamin D and Zinc. These two nutrients will work together to help your body produce testosterone.

While you might think that testosterone is only for men, this hormone is also essential for women. Women need a small amount of testosterone to maintain a delicate balance of hormones in their bodies. Thus, both women and men can benefit from the oyster extract in improving their overall sexual performance.

Another important thing to note is that the oyster extract can help to minimize and prevent prostate swelling. Furthermore, it has been found to improve sperm quality and increase its production, which is helpful to couples that are trying to get pregnant.

  • Energy Boost

The oyster extract also functions as a glutathione supplement. This helps to minimize the oxidative stress that your body has to go through. This is the main reason behind fatigue. So if you find yourself getting stressed out too often or if you are often exposed to things that can trigger stress, then taking the supplement is good for you.

  • Pregnancy Help

Expecting moms can also benefit from the OE supplement. In fact, it also provides breastfeeding moms with enough nutrients needed for their daily nutrient requirements. It contains essential micronutrients, which aids in the baby’s growth while also replacing those nutrients that have been depleted from the body.

Therefore, taking the supplement while pregnant can help to minimize the risk of low birth weight and premature delivery. In addition, the supplement may help your body to replenish the energy you lost, which is essential for new moms who often have to deal with sleepless nights.

  • Fights Aging

Oyster extracts are rich in antioxidants and will provide your body with tons of anti-aging properties so you will look and feel younger. With the help of this supplement, you would be able to increase collagen and keratin production in your body, which leads to healthier hairs, nails, and skin.

  • Helps with Cardiovascular Health

The oyster extract also has the potential to improve the lipid metabolism of your body, which could lower down your blood pressure level.

5. Oyster Extract Use to Aid Weight Loss

As mentioned above, oysters are loaded with nutrients. But they are actually among those foods that have the lowest calories. Most people will rely on chicken when it comes to protein-rich and low-calorie meat, but oysters actually contain just half of the calories that the chicken meat has! So if you are trying to shed off some pounds, the oyster extract can certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Everything You Need to Know About Oyster Extract

6. Oyster Extract Used as Sex-Boosting

Oysters have long been known as the most effective aphrodisiacs out there, mainly because of the high amount of zinc that’s in them. For men, zinc can help to improve their masculinity and sexual drive, which boosts their sexual performance as a result.

7. Oyster Extract Powder for Sale

When you buy Oyster extract powder, it’s important to remember that not all the OE powders are the same. They are made differently, depending on the company that manufactured them. Some companies would use the meat from oysters that are produced in a higher yield, but this usually has the lowest concentration of zinc, which also explains why they are cheaper. These are those supplements that came from China, Japan, and New Zealand. The quality of the water where the oyster is derived from can also affect the supplement’s overall quality.

Half of the weight of those oyster extracts that come in the form of pills comprises binding agents with no nutritional value so be very careful of these. Some companies will also include the shell when producing the supplements, which means that there is often a very small amount of essential nutrients in the product and are usually less potent.

It is best to look for the Oyster extract supplier that produces the supplements with potency in mind. Although their products are usually more expensive, they are definitely better than the synthetic ones. You might spend more money on them, but the superior products that they produce are definitely worth it.

8. Where to Buy Oyster Extract Powder in Bulk?

One of the best ways to save money on your oyster extract supplement is to buy them in bulk. When you buy Oyster extract powder in bulk, you will end up paying less than buying the supplement in individual pieces. Most of the suppliers will be willing to offer you a good price if you buy from them in bulk.

When you go online to look for Oyster extract powder for sale, you will be presented with tons of suppliers. Make sure you do your research well and read reviews from customers so you can be sure that you are only dealing with a legitimate Oyster extract supplier.


Indeed, the oyster extract is a great supplement that can provide your body with tons of benefits. But this does not mean that you no longer need to take other supplements. You may also need to take additional supplements along with the oyster extract if you want to completely balance your nutritional intake. When it comes to taking any type of supplements, it is important to complement it with a healthy balanced diet in order to benefit the most from the nutrients that the supplement provides.