The Ultimate Guide to Lotus Leaf Extract for Weight Loss
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The lotus leaf extract is a type of aquatic perennial plant known for its light green leaves and white flowers. This plant is commonly found in the tropical regions of the Middle East and Asia.

Known by several names like the Indian lotus, sacred lotus, Egyptian bean, and Chinese arrowroot, this plant has a broad history dating back to thousands of years, especially in the field of medicine.

The entire plant has a significant role in Chinese medicine as it’s considered an effective cure for everything, whether it’s bleeding ulcers, diarrhea, and more. The leaves of the lotus plant are also highly regarded as being effective at helping one lose weight.

The leaves’ biggest function is to minimize the bleeding that comes as a result of hemorrhoids and excessive menstruation. It may also help to prevent the vomiting of blood. In fact, the entire components of the plant can be used as a cardiotonic and astringent. Furthermore, the lotus leaf extract can be used as an effective cure for mushroom poisoning.


1. A Brief History of Lotus Leaf

The lotus leaf extract is an important icon in the Buddhist religion. Even Egyptians consider it as an important symbol of peace, serenity, purity, and beauty, due to the way the flowers float while in water. Even though lotus is known for its serene nature, it also has a powerful side to it, especially in the treatment of various conditions in your body, as well as in helping you stay fit and healthy.

Since ancient times, the Lotus leaf has already been regarded as an important component in alternative medicine. Scholars, monks, and royals have long praised this amazing plant. Known for its vibrant flowers and bright green leaves, the lotus plant can be found mostly in Asia’s tropical regions.

The plant can grow up to 30 cm long. Its leaves are usually gathered during autumn and summer and dried under the sun before they are chopped into small pieces for storage.

The lotus leaf has a slightly bitter taste, yet it has lots of powerful health benefits. One of its main benefits is in detoxing your liver and keeping your spine healthy. Modern studies show that the Lotus leaves extracts may also help lower high blood pressure and prevent muscle spasms.


The Ultimate Guide to Lotus Leaf Extract for Weight Loss


2. Lotus Leaf Extract Uses

There have been numerous reported uses for Lotus leaf. Pharmacologic studies show that it has hyperlipidemic, anti-infective, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, and antioxidant properties. However, experts believe that clinical trials on Lotus leaves are still lacking.


3. Lotus Leaf Extract Benefits

Below are some of the reported lotus leaf extract benefits.

  • Lowers Blood Sugar

The root of the lotus plant has also been found to contain a good amount of fiber and complex carbs. When these two components work together, they can help manage your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, both components can help you effectively maintain a steady process of digestion.

  • Treats Diarrhea

In traditional Chinese medicine, the most common use of lotus leaf is in the treatment of diarrhea. For this natural remedy, you must soak the lotus seeds in warm water for a few hours and add sugar until you achieve your desired taste.

  • Treats Acne

The lotus leaf might also be an effective cure for acne. Sebum, the waxy substance that’s responsible for breakouts after clogging your skin’s pores, can be reduced with the help of the lotus. Simply add it to green tea and apply it on your face.

  • Relieves Inflammation

Inflammation often comes with heat sensation, an uncomfortable side effect resulting from various conditions. This may also be due to exposure to chemicals, trauma, and physical injury.

Recent studies show that the seeds of both white and red lotus can help to effectively minimize inflammation. A recent study found that the polysaccharides present in the lotus plumule have significant anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Halts Cough

Another study suggests that adding honey to powder that’s made of lotus seeds may be effective in soothing your cough.

  • Helps with Your Period

The leaves and root extracts of lotus have long been used in Chinese medicine to regulate the menstrual cycle of women and prevent excessive bleeding.

There’s not enough scientific research done on these claims. However, some studies suggest that drinking soup or juice made of the lotus may help prevent anemia as a result of blood loss during menstruation.

  • Treats Cancer

A research done in 2014 has shown that neferine, the organic compound that can be obtained from the embryo of the lotus seed, can potentially stop or prevent the spread of cancer cells in the lungs. Research shows that lotus may, in fact, cure this deadly disease.


The Ultimate Guide to Lotus Leaf Extract for Weight Loss


4. Lotus Leaf Extract Dosage

The appropriate lotus leaf extract dosage will mainly depend on various factors, such as the user’s health, age, condition, etc. As of now, there’s not enough information as to what would be the appropriate dosage for lotus leaf extracts.

It’s important to remember that herbal products are not always safe and knowing the proper dosage to take is extremely important. Aside from proper dosage, relevant directions must also be followed. These are usually printed on the product label. It’s also a good idea to consult a healthcare professional or physician before using any type of lotus leaf extract supplements.


5. Lotus Leaf Extract Weight Loss

Many people would swear by the lotus leaf when it comes to detox diets or weight loss. It has powerful properties that can help regulate blood sugar and bad cholesterol level.

In fact, there have been studies showing that the Lotus leaf has been used during ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine due to its weight-reducing properties. The best thing about using lotus leaf extracts for weight loss is that it can help prevent fats and carbohydrates from getting absorbed, which improves metabolism rate.

Due to the lotus leaf’s active substances, it has been considered an important ingredient in Teatox blends, an organic product that can help in weight loss through detox. As a matter of fact, the lotus leaf extracts are also being used as an ingredient for anti-cellulite creams.


6. Lotus Leaf Extract for Skin

As for the lotus flower, it’s usually seen as a symbol for serenity, purity, or enlightenment, especially in the Buddhist religion. But this botanical flower is not only regarded as an important religious symbol, but it’s also very useful in the world of skincare.

The lotus flower, with a scientific name of Nelumbo nucifera, has actually been found to provide powerful benefits to the skin.

Below are some of the natural benefits of the lotus flower in terms of skincare.

First of all, the lotus leaf and flower extracts have a good amount of potent antioxidants, such as the polyphenol and flavonoids, as well as some vitamins. These powerful compounds are known for their anti-aging benefits. The antioxidants can protect the skin from free radicals that could potentially damage the skin and lead to aging.

According to the research of the Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, the extracts of lotus leaf and flower can help to significantly improve the skin’s elasticity. This will result in stronger skin cells, firmer skin, and fewer wrinkles. Furthermore, research also shows that the lotus extract may have brightening effects on the skin.


7. Lotus Leaf Extract and L-carnitine

There were studies done on rats regarding fat loss. However, the metabolism of rats is significantly different from humans. For one, these animals get their fat from eating animals. Thus, their metabolism is built to function by relying on starches as their main energy source.

What science has discovered is that rats feed on a high-fat diet, which is somewhat similar to humans. However, this is still not an effective model for human studies since the metabolism is actually designed to rely mainly on fats. Consuming a moderate amount of starch is fine, but the real problem here is that humans have the tendency to consume a significant amount of starchy foods.

But this particular study is different. This new study will be a step closer to figuring out if certain supplements containing lotus leaf extracts and L-Carnitine have some effects on fat loss and if it can prevent fat gain. However, it’s in in-vitro mode, which is done in isolation and with the use of fat cells placed on a petri dish and not in vivo or a real-life human. The results tend to be misleading sometimes since it has isolated the effects instead of considering the real-life situation. Nevertheless, such treatment is somewhat promising.

Scientists have also discovered that the lotus leaf has two distinct abilities that may be effective in treating obesity. Furthermore, it improves lipolysis, which triggers the fat cells to release fats. This is even more beneficial for active individuals and those who exercise regularly and follow a low-calorie diet. By releasing the fat from storage, your body will be able to use the fat for energy instead of keeping it in storage.

Another beneficial effect of Lotus leaf when it comes to fat loss is that it helps prevent adipogenesis. This is not entirely accurate since what it does is to prevent the accumulation of triglyceride during adipogenesis.

Basically, when your body receives the signal that there is already an abundant amount of energy in your body, it will produce new fat cells. During the process, the triglycerides, a medical term of fats, will be produced resulting from glucose as well as the other fatty acids. The Lotus leaf can help to prevent this.


The Ultimate Guide to Lotus Leaf Extract for Weight Loss


8. Lotus Leaf Extract for Sale

Given the many benefits of lotus leaf extracts, it’s not surprising to find Lotus leaf extract for sale online. These products are usually sold in the form of supplements and can be taken in different dosages. Most of these supplements are being marketed as weight loss supplements. These supplements are produced by different pharmaceutical companies and distributed all over the world. It’s also possible to purchase these supplements over the counter.


9. Where to Buy Lotus Leaf Extract Powder in Bulk?

When you buy Lotus leaf extract powder in bulk, you will be able to save money since it’s more economical than buying the supplements individually. This is especially a good idea if you plan on using the supplements for the long-term. Besides, it will take several weeks or even months before you can start seeing results.

But when you buy Lotus leaf extract powder in bulk, make sure you are buying authentic products and not some cheap counterfeit supplements that can cause more harm than good.

So, before you make a purchase, it’s a good idea to research the Lotus leaf extract supplier that you are dealing with.