Everything You Need to Know About Icariin
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What is Icariin?

Icariin (489-32-7)is an active compound in the Epimedium plant species, which is usually referred to as the Horny Goat Weed, which the Chinese call Yin Yang Huo, an ingredient of their traditional erectile dysfunction medicine. Icariin falls under prenylated flavonol glycoside classification and that makes it a flavonoid.

Being an active compound of Epimedium extract, Icariin has been found to have similar mechanisms of action to those of the compounds included the Western medicine for the treatment of impotence. Particular, according to vitro scientific evidence, icariin is a weak antioxidant (PDE5 inhibitor with effects similar to those of an antidepressant in mice. Besides, research shows that the compound has neuroprotective effects when administered to rats.

Icariin, which is sold under CAS number 489-32-7, is used for various health benefits, one of them being erectile dysfunction, considering that it is an active compound in Horny Goat Weed’s extract. Besides, new discoveries about the compound’s uses and benefits are being made every year.

Icariin uses

Icariin uses cut across various health aspects in humans and more discoveries about the benefits and uses of the compounds are being made progressively. At the moment, icariin is mainly used to address the following problems:

Low Sex drive

Horny Goat Weed, from which Icariin is extracted, owes its name from the story of a Chinese goat herder who realized that his goats became more sexually active after eating the plant. The same case happens to men who use Icariin-they become more sexually active.

Men with low libido, due to old age, among other factors which makes them unable to produce and use free-form testosterone, use icariin to boost their sex drive. The testosterones arouse a man’s desire to perform sexual intercourse.

so, when a man is unable to use these hormones, he rarely experiences sexual urge, and that’s a problem that the right Icariin dosage can address. It boosts a man’s libido by increasing his ability or use free-form testosterone hormones efficiently. It is also a libido-enhancer for women.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men, but fortunately, those who’ve sought Icariin erectile dysfunction treatment have reported solid erections frequently. Additionally, Icariin erectile dysfunction treatment helps them to sustain those solid erections for a longer period, helping them to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners to the fullest.

The body of a man requires a certain level of nitric oxide transmission to be able to supply the penile tissues with enough blood when he’s aroused to form and maintain a penile erection. So, when the transmission of nitric oxide is lower than the threshold, the blood supply to the penile region becomes too low to support an erection. Icariin addresses that problem by increasing nitric oxide transmission.

One advantage of icariin as compared to other erectile dysfunction remedies is that it can be taken as a long-term treatment because it’s side effects are minimal, mild and rare in occurrence.


People with existing or suspected cases of osteoporosis also take icariin to boost their bone health. The compound does not only prevent osteoporosis but has also been proved to be an effective treatment for the bone problem. Long-term use of the prenylated flavonol compound promotes and boosts bone tissue health and bone tissue maintenance efficiency.

Low bodybuilding performance 

Some bodybuilders are unable to perform to their expectations due to low testosterone levels, which is a hindrance to muscle increases and reduces their mental drive for better performance. That’s where icariin comes in handy as a bodybuilding supplement. Besides increasing testosterone levels, the supplement also boosts nitric oxide signaling and the result of that is lean muscle tissue increment, improved muscle repair, stronger metal drive for better gym performance and power burst.

Premature ejaculation

Men who experience premature ejaculation also seek help from icariin. Research shows that PDE5 inhibitors of the prenylated flavonol compound delay ejaculation, helping men to enjoy sexual intercourse better and satisfy their sexual partners. In a study involving men with 80 men who had persistent premature ejaculation problems, the researchers found that the prenylated flavonol supplement made them take longer to ejaculate when they were subjected to vibratory stimulation.


Everything You Need to Know About Icariin


3.Icariin benefits


Icariin benefits including: In treating erectile dysfunction

When taken to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sex drive, Icariin causes an inhibiting effect on phosphodiesterase type 5 (commonly known as PDE5). This phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that’s responsible for the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

The inhibition effect on the enzyme by Icariin erectile dysfunction treatment element leads to the stimulation of the NO/cGMP pathway, and as a result, the muscles of the user (a man) relax smoothly, the blood vessels widen and the blood flowing to the penis increases. This facilitates a successful erection.

Stress relief and mood improvement 

When it comes to stress relief and mood improvement, Icariin had been found to normalize the activity of the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis, which plays a significant role in the mitigation of physiological reactions to stress. In particular, the Horny Goat Weed extract compound reduces the corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) as well as cytokines Interleukin 6 and Tumour Necrosis Factor-alpha in people with chronic mild stress or depressive patients. As a result, the patients experience stress relief and their mood gets better.

However, only a small clinical trial in humans and a couple of animal and cell studies have been done to confirm that icariin reduces stress and lead to mood improvement and explain the involved mechanisms. As such, more clinical studies on that are necessary.

Cognitive Function enhancement

as a cognitive function enhancer, icariin inhibits a major Alzheimer’s disease’s marker referred to as tau protein. The inhibition of the protein’s hyperphosphorylation results in a reduction of the toxicity induced by β-amyloid peptides in the adrenal embryonic cells of a human. This is what is called anti-amyloid activity, and the effect has been established in a series of animal studies where Icariin’s ability to improve cognitive function was being investigated.

β-amyloid peptides are the proteins that cause the damage of body cells, leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Besides reducing the toxicity, the compound also contributes to the survival of adrenal embryonic cells by activating the PI3K/Akt pathway.

Additionally, Icariin decreases oxidative damage as well as the deposits of β-amyloid in the hippocampus by increasing superoxide dismutase (SOD). Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that minimizes the oxidative damage in an animal model. It also lowers the level of the cytokines that cause brain inflammation, thus learning and memory deficiencies.

In a study done on mice, the researchers noted that icariin reduced TNF-alpha and IL-B, both of which contribute to brain inflammation. it also minimized the level of COX-2 enzyme, which also contributes to the inflammation. In another animal study, the researchers found out that increases the BDNF (a neurotrophic factor which plays an important role in cognition, the survival of the neurons and synaptic elasticity) as well as tyrosine kinase TrkB, its receptor, thus lessening cognitive decline.

Another way in which it suppresses neuroinflammation is by inhibiting microglia activation by obstructing the NF-κB and p38 MAPK conduits. Microglia are macrophage-like cells found in the nervous system of the brain and they trigger neuroinflammatory response.

Considering these effects, it has been established that the compound is helpful for people with spatial learning and memory deficiencies as it can improve their learning and memory abilities through the aforementioned mechanisms.

Heart function improvement 

In the series of animal studies conducted to establish the mechanisms of icariin, its heart-protective effects were noted. The researchers observed that it activated the PI3K-Akt pathway, which is crucial in the survival of body cells in rats suffering from an acute heart attack. As a result, the rate of tissue death in the rats reduced and their hearts functioned better after receiving icariin treatment for a specific period.

Furthermore, the treatment increased an anti-cell death factor called Bc1-2 and reduced a pro-cell death factor called Bax, thus preventing the cells found in the heart muscle from dying during a reoxygenation resulting from an acute heart attack. It’s thought that this also applies to humans as well.

Another way in which icariin has been found to improve the heart’s function in animals, including human beings, is by reducing matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) function in a case involving heart failure. matrix metalloproteinase enzymes play a crucial role in heart remodeling after an injury.

Icariin also reduces oxidative mitochondrial damage caused by diabetes and inhibits Ca2+ channels, thus widening heart vessels, resulting in reduced heart stroke risk as well as heart tissue death. it also reduces blood cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of artery hardening, which could lead to stroke and heart attack. The sum effect of all these mechanisms is better heart health and function.

Fatigue reduction and improved endurance

In a study done on mice, the researchers noted that Icariin administration to the subjects (mice), which were made to participate in a weight-loaded swimming test, led to an increase in blood glucose hemoglobin and glycogen levels. Due to the increases, the mice were faster, more enduring and performed better in the exercise.

Another study, but in humans, showed similar results, confirming that the compound can prevent physical fatigue and increase endurance among people who participate in intense physical exercise. it improves a person’s endurance by increasing their blood glucose, glycogen and hemoglobin levels. As for physical fatigue prevention, the compound reduces blood lactic acid level and blood urea nitrogen level leading to energy production and lactic acid buildup delay as a result of reduced protein breakdown.

Regrowing blood vessels

for people with tissue injuries caused by stroke attack, icariin activated the MEK/ERK as well as PI3K/Akt/eNOS pathways, which are responsible for blood vessel cell generation, movement and shaping during the growth of blood vessels. so, the activation of the pathways stimulates the formation and growth of new blood vessels to replace the injured or wounded ones.

DNA protection from damages and aging

Studies show that Icariin Powder (489-32-7) increases SIRT1, an enzyme that supports DNA repair, plays an important role in energy metabolism, in addition to inhibiting the NF-kB pathway. since the pathway contributes to the aging, death and inflammation of your body cells, its inhibition means that the cells will have a longer lifespan, function better and their health will improve. it also increases CAT and Prx1, both of which are antioxidant enzymes, thus reducing oxidative cell damage that could arise from radical-induced damage. Since DNA is located inside the cell nucleus, when icariin protects cells from damages, DNA enjoys the same protection as well.

Cancer suppression

In several studies done to determine the effect of icariin on cancer cells, the researchers observed that it prevented the formation of tumors in breast cancer, liver cancer and leukemia cells, among other cancer cell types. As for the stomach cancer cells, the compound suppresses the movement and attachment of the cells responsible for tumor development and reduced their invasion power by inhibiting the pathway that contributes to cellular motility. It also inactivates an enzyme called protein kinase A, which promotes the production and survival of cancer cells.

In the case of gallbladder cancer, icariin suppresses NF-κB activity, which is crucial for the survival of the cancer cells as it increases anti-death factors, thus inhibiting the production of the cells responsible for the cancer and inducing their death. When it comes to liver cancer, the compound activates the pathway which triggers the death of the responsible cancer cells, leading to massive death of the cells.


Everything You Need to Know About Icariin


Icariin dosage

Icariin suppliers and researchers determine the right icariin dosage from the studies done on rats as far as the prenylated flavonoid compound is concerned. Its testosterone improvement effect in rats has been observed to occurs at 80mg. so, when body weight conversion is applied, the correct icariin dosage in human for testosterone boosting will be:

  • 900 milligrams per day for a person weighing 150 pounds
  • 1200 milligrams per day for a person weighing 200 pounds
  • 1,500 milligrams per day for a person weighing 250 pounds

Where a lower icariin dosage is recommended, for instance, for bone health, the right daily dosage for people weighing 150 pounds, 200 pounds and 250 pounds will range from 11 to 110 milligrams, 15 to 150 milligrams and 18 to 180 milligrams, respectively.

For libido enhancement and erectile dysfunction treatment, one should take the right icariin dose 90 minutes before performing sexual intercourse.

Icariin powder for sale

If you are looking, Icariin powder for sale, one thing you need to know is that it is available under CAS registry number 489-32-7. Because Icariin is a natural compound with minimal and rare side effects, the requirements for buying Icariin powder for sale are just a few and easy to fulfill, generally, and depending on the source. Whether you are looking for Icariin powder for sale in bulk or in a small quantity, you can get it hassle-free from the comfort of your computer or phone.

Where to buy Icariin powder in bulk?

if you want to buy Icariin powder in bulk, there are many online and offline places where you can get it. however, you should be cautious because not everyone who claims to be an Icariin powder supplier is genuine. Some might disappear with your hard-earned money without giving you anything in return or sell you a substandard product. A genuine Icariin powder supplier from whom you should buy Icariin powder in bulk has proper licensing and a good reputation.


Icariin is a natural remedy to various health concerns such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and cognitive deficiencies, erectile dysfunction treatment and libido-boosting being its major benefits. Icariin supplements are safe for long-term use because their side effects are minimal and rare. However, if you want to buy Icariin powder, ensure that you get it from a trusted source.



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