Beet Root Powder

Beets are root vegetables also known as the garden beet, table beet, red beet, or golden beet. They have edible taproots and leaves that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are hailed as a superfood that have a number of health benefits.



Beet Root Powder Specifications

Name: Beet Root Powder
INCI Name: Beet, Ret, Beta vulgaris L
Storage Temp: Room temperature
Color: pinkish color
Applocation: Commonly used in the treatment of liver diseases and fatty liver,  lower levels of triglycerides (a type of fat) in the blood, lower blood pressure, improve athletic performance, and reduce muscle soreness.


1. What is Beetroot extract?

Beetroot extract, which is extracted from beetroot plant is also known as Beet juice, beta Vulgaris, beets, fodder beets, red beet, sugarbeet or betterave rouge. Beet is a plant whose roots are used in a widerange of natural medicines. This plant is commonly used in the treatment of fatty liver and other liver diseases. It can also be used to lower triglycerides levels in the blood, improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and muscle soreness.

Beetroot extract is rich in nutrients, which are extracted from the roots of this plant. It poses many benefits to the human body, and in this article, we will learn all about the uses, benefits, dosage, and how beetroot extract can help in erectile dysfunction.


2. Beetroot extract uses

There are numerous beetroot extract uses, the main and most common ones being;

To improve athletic performance

if you are an athlete, you can add beetroot extract in your routine to improve your speed with less effort. You can also use it if you love working out for fun, not necessarily if you are a trained athlete.

Prevent muscle soreness

Taking beetroot extract regularly after working out can significantly help in reducing sore muscles. This is especially helpful if you are into jumping ad sprinting.


3. Beetroot extract benefits

Some of the beetroot extract benefits include;

Improved blood flow

The extract contains a high natural chemical concentration known as nitrate. This compound undergoes a chain of reactions which converts it into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps in improving blood flow in the body and this ensures that all body parts, including the brain, get optimum blood flow, thus better oxygen distribution.

Beetroot juice improves stamina

As earlier mentioned, this product is super helpful to athletes and workout enthusiasts. Taking this product once in a day helps in improving your strength once nitrate is converted to nitric acid. This is because the compound reduces oxygen uptake when working out or engaging in physical activities. With this, you can work out for a long time without exhaustion. Drinking beetroot extract regularly helps you to start your day with greater energy.

An excellent way to detox

Detox is not only good for weight loss but also, it is an excellent way to boost your energy and productivity. If you have been feeling tired lately for no reason, you should probably try detox and beetroot extract is the perfect product for this. It is natural, so you do not have to worry about side effects. The juice is also ideal for liver detox. Considering that the liver is the central filtration system of your body, it can easily be weighed down by toxins, and this could, in return, affect its functionality.Taking beetroot extract goes a long way in preventing such issues as the product contains calcium, antioxidants betaine and iron.

Good for digestion

Have you been struggling with indigestion? You should incorporate beetroot extraction in your routine and watch how it will help in regulating your digestion processes. The juice is also ideal for relieving constipation. It is rich in betaine, which has shown to have amazing benefits for digestive system health. It works by increasing stomach acid levels, which in return improves digestion. Taking a glass of beetroot extract per day can help in reducing stomach upset.

Beneficial to skin

We all want to look good ad have a glowing skin.So many people are, however, struggling with problematic skins all from acne and blemishes. Beetroot extract can significantly help you eliminate this issue once and for all. If you are healthy from the inside, it will certainly show on the outside. Beetroot is an excellent blood purifier which is excellent for keeping your skin healthy. The product is rich in vitamin C, which works wonders in blemishes removal and giving you an even skin tone.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Beetroot is an antioxidant and can significantly help in reducing the chances of cancer development. It contains betalains and Vitamin C, both of which are ideal for eradicating cancer-causing radicals and maintaining electrons in the molecules. This, in return, protects the cells from DNA damages.

Regulation of blood pressure

The high amount of nitrate contained in beetroot extract is perfect for lowering blood pressure at a considerable level. The nitrate undergoes several chain reactions, which convert it into nitric oxide gas. This compound helps in dilating the blood vessels, thus better blood floor and reduced blood pressure.


4. Beetroot extract help with erectile dysfunction

The best part about beetroot extract is that it is all-natural and contains the essential nutrient in a concentrated amount. You can, therefore, count on it for the elimination of numerous body problems. Studies have shown that the extract can significantly help in reducing erectile dysfunction in men. This is an issue that a lot of men are battling, and it does not only affect their relationships, but also, erectile dysfunction can kill self-esteem. If you have been dealing with this issue, you should incorporate beetroot extract in your diet and watch just how fast it will make the problem disappear.

Beetroot extract work is nearly a similar way to Viagra. Beets are a rich source of nitrate, and as earlier mentioned, this compound helps in dilating or relaxing the blood vessels and controlling blood pressure. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is no enough blood flow to the penis and based on this theory, increased blood flow after taking beetroot extract will help in eliminating this issue.


5. Beetroot extract dosage

The right beetroot extract dosage should be determined based on nitrate content. The ideal or target nitrate should be 6.4 – 12.8mg per kg.You should take a controlled amount of beetroot extract powder to reduce the risk of side effects. You should also consult a medical expert before adding this to your regimen to determine if you are fit for it. The recommended intake is 3500 to 7000mg of beetroot powder per day.


6. Beetroot extract for sale(buy Beetroot extract powder in bulk)

You can easily get beetroot extract for sale online, which saves your time and enhances convenience. However, make sure that you buy beetroot extract from a reputable supplier to enjoy these benefits. There has been a constant rise in demand for this product. With this, there has been an increase in suppliers coming up and claiming to offer the best-quality beetroot extract. If you are not careful enough, you will end up with poor-quality products with pose a threat to your health. Take your time and look for a trustworthy beetroot extract supplier by checking reviews or asking for recommendations. You may also buy beetroot extract powder in bulk, so you will have a constant stock and use it for the longest time.



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