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Black Cohosh ExtractSpecifications

Name: Black Cohosh Extract
Cas: 84776-26-1
Function: The root of black cohosh is used for medicinal purposes. Black cohosh root contains several chemicals that might have effects in the body. Some of these chemicals work on the immune system and might affect the body’s defenses against diseases. Some might help the body to reduce inflammation. Other chemicals in black cohosh root might work in nerves and in the brain.
Application: These chemicals might work similar to another chemical in the brain called serotonin. Scientists call this type of chemical a neurotransmitter because it helps the brain send messages to other parts of the body.
Storage Temp: room temp


What is Black Cohosh Extract ?

Black cohosh is an herb. The root of this herb is used for medicinal purposes. Black cohosh was first used for medicinal purposes by Native American Indians, who introduced it to European colonists. Black cohosh became a popular treatment for women’s health issues in Europe in the mid-1950s.

Black Cohosh Extract uses?

Black cohosh has also been tried for a lot of additional uses, such as anxiety, rheumatism, fever, sore throat, and cough, but it is not often used for these purposes these days.

Some people also apply black cohosh directly on the skin. This is because there was some thought that black cohosh would improve the skin’s appearance. Similarly, people used black cohosh for other skin conditions such as acne, wart removal, and even the removal of moles, but this is seldom done anymore.

Black Cohosh Extract benefits

Possibly Effective for

Menopausal symptoms. Research shows that taking some black cohosh products can reduce some symptoms of menopause. However, the benefits are only modest. Black cohosh might lessen the frequency of hot flashes. Most of this research is for a specific commercial black cohosh product, Remifemin. The benefits may not occur with all products that contain black cohosh. Research using black cohosh products other than Remifemin have not always shown benefits for menopausal symptoms. Some of these studies show that these other black cohosh products do not reduce hot flashes or menopausal symptoms any better than a sugar pill (“placebo”). Some women take black cohosh for hot flashes related to breast cancer treatment. Women with breast cancer should not use black cohosh without talking to their cancer specialist or other health provider. Some early research suggested that black cohosh might reduce hot flashes in breast cancer patients, but more recent and higher quality research shows that black cohosh does not reduce hot flashes in women with breast cancer. Also, there is some question as to whether black cohosh is safe for women with breast cancer. It is important for a woman with breastcancer to discuss any use of black cohosh with her health provider before using it.

Insufficient Evidence for

Breast cancer. One study suggests that taking black cohosh supplements is linked to a deceased risk of breast cancer. However, other research has found no link. One study found that taking black cohosh might increase survival in women already diagnosed with breast cancer.

Heart disease. Early research shows that taking 40 mg of a specific black cohosh extract (CR BNO 1055) daily does not lower the risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women.

Mental function. Early research suggests that taking 128 mg of black cohosh daily for 12 months does not improve memory or attention in postmenopausal women.

Some early research suggests that taking black cohosh plus clomiphene citrate can increase pregnancy rates in infertile women compared to clomiphene citrate alone. Other research shows that taking black cohosh with clomiphene results in pregnancy rates that are similar to those found when clomiphene is taken with another fertility drug.

Induction of labor. Some people report that black cohosh can help start labor. As many as 45% of nurse-midwives use black cohosh to start labor in pregnant women at term. Despite its common use, there is no reliable scientific evidence that black cohosh works for this purpose.

Migraine headache. Early research shows that taking 50 mg of black cohosh plus soy isoflavones and dong quai daily for 24 weeks can reduce the occurrence of menstrual migraines.

Early research suggests that taking a specific product containing black cohosh (Reumalex) twice daily for 2 months improves pain, but not joint function, in people with osteoarthritis.

Weak bones (Osteoporosis). Evidence regarding the benefit of black cohosh for treating or preventing osteoporosis is unclear. Some early research shows that taking a specific black cohosh product (CR BNO 1055, Klimadynon/Menofem, Bionorica AG) daily for 12 weeks increases markers of bone formation in postmenopausal women. However, other research shows that taking the same black cohosh extract does not improve bone mineral density. It is not known if these black cohosh products can reduce the risk of bone fractures.

Rheumatoid arthritis. Early evidence suggests that taking a specific product containing black cohosh (Reumalex) twice daily for 2 months improves pain, but not joint function, in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Bug bites.

Mole removal.

Painful menstruation.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Snake bite.

Sore throat.

Wart removal.

Black Cohosh Extractdosage

Dosages of Red Clover:

Standardized commercially prepared isoflavins

40-80 mg/day

Dosage Considerations – Should be Given as Follows:

Flower Tops

4 g orally three times daily


1 cup orally three times daily; 4 g flower tops/150 ml water

Liquid Extract

5-3 ml orally three times daily; 1:1 in 25% alcohol


1-2 ml orally three times daily; 1:10 in 45% alcohol


Dosage varies

Hot Flashes

Isoflavones extract: 40-160 mg/day orally

Cystic Mastalgia

Isoflavones: 40-80 mg/day


Specific extract (Promensil): 40 mg/day

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