Cassia seed Extract

Cassia seed extract is the powdered form of the dried seeds. The seeds can be taken as cassia tea, which has a sweet and bitter flavor. Cassia seed extract is effective as an herbal medicine to treat ailments related to digestion, liver, eyes, intestines, hypertension, circulation, weight loss and joints.



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Cassia seed extract powder Specifications

Name: Cassia seed extract powder
Function: Cassia seed extract is effective as an herbal medicine to treat ailments related to digestion, liver, eyes, intestines, hypertension, circulation, weight loss and joints. The extract nourishes the large intestines and eases bowel movements. The seeds are also capable of providing relief from cold and flu.
Application: Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp: N/A
Color: Brownish yellow powder



1. What is Cassia Seed Extract?

As the name suggests, cassia seeds extract is extracted from cassia seeds to make an effective herbal medicine that can be used to treat a range of ailments. Also known as Semen Cassia, Cassia seeds come from cassia plants, a famous Chinese herb. Cassia seed extract is rich in healthy nutrients. It can be used for a range of purposes and poses numerous benefits to users, and in this article, we will look at its uses, benefits, dosage, and how it can help in weight loss.


2. Cassia seed extract uses

Cassia seed extract uses include;

Reducing cholesterol level – cassia seed has fantastic properties that help in lowering cholesterol buildup, especially around the blood vessels. This is great for reducing the chances of blood pressure and other heart-related problems.

Improving moods – you can use this product whenever you feel low or sad. It works as an excellent anti-depressant. So many individuals suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings, and you can use this product to get rid of all the negative emotions.

Fighting dizziness – if you feel lightheaded, you can use cassia seed extract to help you feel calm. This condition can be a sign of a range of disorders such as motion sickness. It could also be a sign of a malignant tumor or multiple sclerosis. Regardless of the situation, cassia seed extract can help restore your body balance before you seek further treatment.


3. Cassia seed extract benefits

There is a range of cassia seed extract benefits to expect if you use the product correctly which include;

Eliminating constipation

You can use this product if you have been dealing with poor digestion and constipation. The extract features therapeutic benefits such as laxative properties that are suitable for the treatment of constipation. It has proven to be super useful in improving bowel movement and keeping the colon hydrated. Cassia seeds extract reduces heat buildup in the gastrointestinal tract, not to forget that it is a good helps in stool lubricant.

Better vision

Cassia seeds extract proven its effectiveness in treating vision and a range of eye problems for years. It is one of the most sought natural remedy. You can count on this product for glaucoma, eye redness, dry eyes, blurred vision and painful eyes treatment.

Better sleep

If you have been struggling with poor sleep patterns, insomnia, and apnea, you should try out cassia seed extract. As earlier stated, the product has some therapeutic properties, which helps you relax by soothing the nerves on your head and neck. It is also ideal for a meridian massage. This makes it perfect for eliminating insomnia, dizziness, and cervical spondylosis and central at arteriosclerosis. The product is also great for stress, and anxiety treatment, and all these properties, in return, ensures that you get the best sleep.

Improves blood circulation

You definitely cannot survive without proper blood circulation, as that can only mean that some of your body parts are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients. You may even start experiencing cold feet, numbness, and limb pain. Cassia seed extract has shown to activate blood flow and improve blood circulation. This reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack, stoker, and other cardiovascular-related diseases.

Fights fungi

Cassia seed extract has antifungal and antiviral properties, which makes it super useful in fighting microorganisms. You can also use it to combat the growth of different types of bacteria, such as ballicus coli and staphylococcus.

Pain treatment

If you have had arthritis, then you understand what pain means. The swelling and discomfort are a nightmare. Cassia seed extract can help reduce this kind of pain, and it does so by improving blood circulation to the affected parts and increasing warmth. You may also use it for kids during teething.

Blood pressure management

Taking this product regularly can help in the management of high blood pressure. This is due to its fantastic ability to improve blood circulation. This means that your heart does not have to pump so hard for blood flow to remain under control. What’s more? The extract helps in lowering cholesterol levels, thus no strains when pumping blood.


4. Cassia seed extract dosage

The ideal Cassia seed extract dosage depends on your specific situation and doctor’s recommendation. You must use this product correctly to enjoy the numerous benefits and avoid side effects. Let an expert evaluate you and recommend the ideal dosage depending on your health condition and physical well-being. If you plan on using this product as a dietary supplement, the ideal dosage is 1,000mg daily. This is equivalent to 1/3 tsp of Cassia seed extract powder.


5. Cassia seed extract for weight loss

The primary reason why most individuals are using cassia seed is because of its weight loss benefits. Cassia seed extract has shown its fantastic ability to improve digestion and boost the body’s ability to get rid of toxins. This is mainly due to its laxative properties. Cassia seed is known for preventing the absorption of carbs and fats in the body, thus reducing cholesterol buildup. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight, as most of it results from cholesterol buildup. Studies also showed that Cassia seed extract reduces lipid accumulation in the white adipose tissues. These are the tissues responsible for energy storage in the form of fat. So many people are struggling with obesity, which is mainly a result of increased adipose tissue accumulation, and this makes Cassia seed extract for weight loss an ultimate benefit. Cassia seed extract is also great for improving bowel movements and reducing constipation, all of which are also ideal for reducing weight.


6. Cassia seed extract powder for sale (Buy Cassia seed extract powder in bulk)

When looking for cassia seed extract powder for sale, make sure you get it from a reputable cassia seed extract supplier. The increased demand for this product has resulted in an increase in cassia seed extract suppliers, and if you are not careful enough, you will end up getting poor-quality products. Take your time, do in-depth research by checking reviews, or even ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues. You may also buy cassia seed extract powder in bulk to ensure that you never get out of supply.



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