Cinnamomum Extract

Cinnamon Extract is an extract from cinnamon spice which itself is obtained from the inner bark of the cinnamon plant. It is currently being studied for its effects on Diabetes, Cancer, viruses, Alzheimer’s Disease and Arthritis.



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Cinnamomum extract powder Specifications

Name: Cinnamomum extract powder
Function: In addition to being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, anticancer, lipid-lowering, and cardiovascular-disease-lowering compound, cinnamon has also been reported to have activities against neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
Application: Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp: N/A
Color: Brown powder


1. What is Cinnamomum extract?

The Cinnamomum extract is gotten from the cinnamon spice found in the inner bark of the cinnamon plant. It has been in use since 2800BC. Over the years, it has not only been treasured for the aroma and flavor it adds to food but for its healing properties too. If you have not yet tested it, then you better be planning to have this wonder extract on your shelf.


2. Cinnamomum extract uses


In the treatment of diabetes

One of the common Cinnamomum uses is to lower one’s blood sugar leading to the anti-diabetic effect. Also, it helps with insulin resistance, which alters metabolism regulation. Human studies have further confirmed that the Cinnamomum extract could lower ones fasting blood sugar levels by 10-29%. Hence, you could complement your regular medication with the use of Cinnamomum for better diabetes management.

For neurodegenerative diseases

You have probably heard or suffered from a degenerative disease. They are characterized by the progressive loss of the brain cells’ function. Cinnamomum helps in reducing amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s hence improving the ability to think and reason. It also reduces the formation of tau, a protein that symptomizes Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer prevention

Cinnamomum extract is worth mentioning when it comes to cancer prevention. It is known to keep cancer at bay due to its anti-oxidant abilities. What makes it stand out in cancer prevention is that it wards off any DNA damage, cancerous tumor growth as well as cell mutation. That is backed up by a study done on the effect of Cinnamomum in the colon, which showed that it improves colon health, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Arthritis management

Arthritis is known to cause inflammation and pain. Fortunately, Cinnamomum packs a punch when it comes to fighting inflammation and cell damage. Use cinnamon today and get relief from the dreaded aches.

As an antiallergy

One of the common Cinnamomum extract uses is to stabilize histamine release as well as inflammation. So if you are prone to allergies, then this is a must-have.

Fighting candida

Candida is one of the fungi that affect the gut. Cinnamomum helps fight its growth by boosting one’s immunity, reducing inflammation, and preventing autoimmune reactions.

Weight Management

Are you interested in losing some pounds? Does having a restrictive diet seem not to be working for you? You could introduce Cinnamomum into your program to make your weight loss journey easier.

Cinnamomum extract slows the digestion of food in the digestive system, thus giving one feeling of fullness. It also reduces cravings,  doing away with the need to keep snacking on unhealthy foods.


3. Cinnamomum extract benefits

Skin health

Nothing gives one more confidence than having blemish-free, flawless skin. Well, using Cinnamomum could help you achieve this through its anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. No more pimples, scars or spots on the skin!

Sweeten food without added sugar

Do you feel like you want to try out a new spice on your stews and curries? Then you could probably consider adding cinnamon to your dishes to add on the deliciousness. It not only adds on the flavor, but the scent will also make you want more.

Preserves food

Using Cinnamomum in food preservation is an excellent idea as it has strong anti-microbial properties. As a natural preservative, it will ensure that your food doesn’t go bad while still maintaining its good taste.

Protects dental health

Cinnamomum is unbeatable when it comes to promoting oral health. It protects one from certain bacteria strains that could cause cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and other dental issues. Not to forget that it acts as a freshener to keep off bad breath.

Protects heart health

By lowering your cholesterol levels, Cinnamomum helps keep your heart in check. That is through the reduction of triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood and which increases the risk of suffering from coronary artery disease.

4. Cinnamomum extract dosage

The Cinnamomum extract dosage ranges from 120mg per day to 6 grams a day. Taking it in excess does not mean that you are going to enjoy more Cinnamomum extract benefits.

One may develop liver complications or cancer due to overdosing. Those that take it to manage diabetes could develop hypoglycemia, a condition brought about by having deficient sugar levels. Even worse, it could interfere with blood-thinning and also cause migraines. To achieve the Cinnamomum extract benefits, you ought to take it in moderation.


5. Cinnamomum extract help with erectile dysfunction

Your love life doesn’t have to be boring; cinnamon got you. Here are ways it helps beat erectile dysfunction;

Libido boost

A low sex drive can be frustrating. Fortunately, cinnamon has potent aphrodisiac properties that will keep you in the mood. Its scent promotes romantic feelings, and no wonder it is known to come in handy during evening dates.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

If you do not want to experience erectile issues, then you should make the Cinnamomum extract your friend. It controls the blood sugar and harmful cholesterol that could impede blood flow.

If there is a hindrance in the blood flow, there will be reduced blood circulation in the penis causing erectile dysfunction.

High sperm count

A low sperm count leads to fertility issues, and Cinnamomum is one of the remedies that help increase sperm count as well as sperm quality. It is known to provide warmth to the body and reduce oxidization hence creating the best environment for the sperm to mature.


6. Cinnamomum extract for sale (buy Cinnamomum extract powder in bulk)

Cinnamon makes a healthy and delicious addition to your foods and beverages. Although adding it in dishes is easy, it could also be taken in capsule, inhaled through aromatherapy, or applied on the skin. As seen in this article, it is a wonder spice that contributes a lot towards our wellbeing. Anyone can use it as it is safe and will cause you no harm at the right dosage.


7. Where do you buy Cinnamomum extract?

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