Partridge Extract (14030-48-6)

Everything we know about this plant originates with the indigenous people of North America, who used partridgeberry as an emmenagogue, astringent, diuretic, parturient and styptic. In addition, it was used to ease menstrual cramps, help with labor pains and ease delivery. Topically, partridgeberry was employed as a wash for sore nipples during breast-feeding. Squaw vine is an early name for this plant, attesting to its Native use in treating female reproductive disorders.



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Partridge extract powder Specifications

Name: Partridge extract powder
Function: Contemporary uses in female reproductive disorders also include tonic treatment for infertility and menstrual cramps. Some other uses of partridgeberry involve its use in urinary tract disorders; it can give ease in urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and BPH as a diuretic and astringent.
Application: Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp: N/A
Color: Brownish yellow powder


1. What is Partridge extract?

Patridge extract is obtained from Patridge berry plants which are wild crafted in their natural habitat and/or certified organically grown. Patridge berry (Mitchella repens) or Squaw vine is an evergreen herb native to North America. The plant belongs to Rubiaceae family. The whole herb (without root) is hand-harvested and dried under shade to retain color and aroma then thoroughly extracted.

2. Partridge extract uses

Partridge extract has been used as a traditional feminine herbal medicine in restoration of female reproductive system. This practice continues in the modern herbal medication. Here are some partridge extract uses:

Used for childbirth

Partridge berry is used extensively to assist in labor and childbirth. This herb contains beneficial chemical compounds, such as saponins, tannins and glycosides and is believed to have a stimulating action on the ovaries as well as the uterus. The tonic effects of Partridge extract makes delivery easier and effortless.

In addition, the herb proves to be abortifacient (any substances that results in abortion) hence not recommended for use in pregnant women.

For relief of menstrual pain and excessive bleeding during menstruation

The Partridge berry extract is used to relieve menstrual discomfort and also a regulator for regular and normal menstrual cycles.

To treat infertility

In addition to pregnancy, it is also used to treat infertility. The Partridge extract taken as liquid extract (one cup twice a day) or as tincture (10 drops thrice a day) has proven to treat infertility issues.

Herbal treatment for lower back pain

Partridge extract used in combination with other herbs such as drumstick, bodhi tree fruit and dry ginger can help relieve back pain.

Treatment of repeated miscarriages

Partridge extract has been used as a uterine tonic on women who have experienced miscarriages in the past. It provides support to the uterus and maintains its proper function.

A mother with a history of miscarriage was in her early pregnancy when she experienced severe clamping and heavy bleeding. The partridge extract as tincture together with wild yam root and black haw wood bark taken 3-6 times a day saved her pregnancy.

●Some other uses of partridge berry include;

Its use in treatment of urinary tract disorders; it gives ease in urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and BPH as a diuretic and astringent.

The partridge leaves have been used in children suffering from kidney issues, and the berries for diarrhea and painful urination.

It has also been used as a moderate astringent for gastro-intestinal disorders, including diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.


3. Partridge extract benefits

The partridge extract benefits include;

Help in relief of breast soreness during breastfeeding

Breast soreness may occur due to poor breastfeeding latch or improper use of breastfeeding pump. The Partridge leaves extract can be used as a paste to treat this problem.

Ease the symptoms of allergy

Partridge berry herb contains flavonoids especially, quercetin, which has great antihistamine activity in the body. This helps ease the symptoms associated with allergies.

Help in proper blood supply in the body

Partridge extract is a source of Vitamins A, B and C and minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. These nutrients assist in proper blood supply and also help in bone health.

Helpful in treatment of diabetes

Partridge berries contain polyphenols and other anti-diabetic compounds that help in treatment of diabetes. They ultimately help in lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Treatment of nipple discharge

A paste made from partridge and adding honey and oil applied directly on the nipples helps in treatment of abnormal nipple discharge.


4. Partridge extract dosage

The appropriate partridge extract dosage will depend on several factors such as user’s age and health.  The standard partridge extract dosage however, in most treatments when taken as a tincture is 1ml to 2ml medication thrice a day. Keeping in mind that natural products may not be always safe, be sure to check the labels and also the partridge extract supplier in question.


5. Partridge extract help with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by physical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even sleep disorders. It can also be caused by mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trouble with relationships.

In a 2014 study, it was found that some men could reverse this condition by living a healthy lifestyle where they exercise, loose weight, have a healthy diet and good sleep.

Partridge extract shows a great effect on the nervous system and induces sleep. It is also helpful in treating diabetes. These benefits from partridge extract make it a good candidate for erectile dysfunction treatment. However, more research is recommended to validate this.


6. Partridge extract for sale (buy Partridge extract powder in bulk)

Partridge extract for sale is readily available online in many brand names due to its various uses. They include Partridge berry (Squaw vine) Extract, Partridge berry Liquid Extract, Partridge berry (Mitchella repens) Dried Herb Squaw Vine Tincture and Herb Pharm Partridge Berry (Squaw Vine) Extract among others.

If you are looking to buy partridge extract powder in bulk, be sure to research widely for the legit partridge extract suppliers. This in the modern world has been made easier since one can buy partridge extract from the online platforms considering reviews by other customers who have used the products.



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