Red yeast rice extract Powder

Red yeast rice is a type of fermented rice that is produced using a specific species of mold. It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for its powerful health-promoting properties.



Red yeast rice extract powder Specifications

Name: Red yeast rice extract powder
Function: Improve blood circulation and to aid in digestion. It has now been found to lower blood lipids, including cholesterol and triglycerides.
Application: 1. Condiment(braise meat,preserved beancurd,jam);

2.Food(meat,juice,drink,wine,beverage,candy, noodle,health food, cake,sanitaniam vinegar and etc.);

3. Medicine(Medicine colorant, Medicine ingredients etc);

4. Cosmetic.

Solubility:  water soluble
Storage Temp: Keep in cool & dry place
Color: Red-purple fine powder


What is Red yeast rice extract?

Red Yeast Rice Extract is a substance extracted from fermented rice using the Monascus purpureus type of yeast. This has been used in Asian countries more so China for centuries as a traditional medicine. It’s also used as an additive, food coloring and preservative. Naturally, Red Yeast Rice Extract contains several components that can help in controlling cholesterol levels.

Red yeast rice extract uses

Discussed below are red yeast rice extract uses

  • Reduces Inflammation

Studies indicate that taking red yeast rice supplements helps in reduction of inflammation and promotes better health over an extended period of time. For instance, a research in 50 people having metabolic syndrome indicates that using a supplement that contains red yeast rice plus olive extract lowered oxidative stress levels which is a crucial cause of chronic inflammation, to 20% .

  • Improving the Health of Our Bones

In a study on rat, red yeast rice reduces loss of bone in rats that have osteoporosis. Also, animals provided with red yeast rice supplements have higher density of bone mineral and bone cells healthier compared to those who didn’t take the supplement.

A white rabbits’ study demonstrated a similar effect. However, in the study to the grafts researchers added red yeast rice extract then applied the grafts to the skull of the rabbit. The grafts which constituted red yeast rice extract resulted in improved growth of the bone in comparison to grafts with no extract.

Red yeast rice also increases BMP2 gene expression that is important in broken bones healing.

  • Culinary

Red yeast rice is used to coloring a wide variety of food products, which require red food coloring. These foods include pickled tofu, Chinese pastries, red rice vinegar, Peking Duck, and char siu, In history, it was used as a coloring food agent in Japan as early as 300 BC.

Red yeast rice extract benefits

Discussed below are some of the Red yeast rice extract benefits

  • Lowering cholesterol

Naturally, Red yeast rice extract contains lovastatin that keeps the body from cholesterol storage. The lovastatin in the extract have the same chemical content as Mevacor, a drug that lowers cholesterol which was first developed by Merck, the drug company.

  • Contains Anticancer Properties

With current research being limited to test-tube and animal research, some evidence proposes that Red Yeast Rice Extract helps in reduction in cancer cells growth.

One study concluded that giving rats having prostate cancer red yeast rice powder lowered tumor volume significantly in comparison to control group.

A test-tube research similarly showed that treatment of prostate cancer cells using red yeast rice decreases cancer cell growth to higher degree than lovastatin an anticancer effective cholesterol-lowering drug.

  • Enhancing Kidney Functioning

If untreated, High cholesterol and triglycerides may seriously damage the kidney. Red yeast rice protected kidneys from injury in a rat study through its effects on fats.

Currently, effect of red yeast rice on healthy kidneys is unknown. Again, some red yeast rice can be contaminated with citrinin that can result to kidney damage. We therefore don’t recommend red yeast rice supplementing kidney health.

Red yeast rice extract dosage

Discussed below is the recommended Red yeast rice extract Dosage

The typical and maximal dosage is 1200 mg twice daily. In patients with statin intolerance history, a starting dose of 600 mg twice daily should be used.

Clinical studies uses pure extract of Red Yeast Rice Extract that contain a specific percentage of monacolins. In a research, 10 mg monacolins were used in every 24 hours, from pure extract. This reduced cholesterol safely and protected against harmful blood vessels changes. Also, it decreased hs-CRP, a protein which rises during inflammation.

Red yeast rice extract help with weight loss

If you’d like to know how Red yeast rice extract help with weight loss, here is a good explanation:

It is proved that red yeast rice extract helps in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. Some of the metabolic syndrome symptoms include excess body fat, excess cholesterol or triglycerides, high blood pressure, and blood sugar increment.

Several studies found out that red yeast rice may assist in lowering body fat, cholesterol, and other harmful triglycerides that contribute to excess weight.  Taking this supplement could also help in prevention against gaining excess weight.

Research indicates that this supplement can reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels effectively. An eight-week study worked on the effects of red yeast rice on a high fat diet fed mice in comparison to a control group. Results showed that red yeast rice had the ability to prevent cholesterol levels and body weight increase.

High cholesterol is a serious a health problem linked to obesity, insulin resistance, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. The ability of red yeast rice extract to slash cholesterol is a big advantage to anyone who’s looking to reduce weight. If you want to burn excess weight faster, feel free to buy red yeast rice extract powder from this website today and have it delivered to you.

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