Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw palmetto is a species of palm used to produce a supplement that’s packed with health benefits. Promising research shows that saw palmetto may help increase testosterone levels, improve prostate health, reduce inflammation, prevent hair loss, and enhance urinary tract function.



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Saw Palmetto Extract powder Specifications

Name: Saw Palmetto Extract powder
Function: Saw palmetto is a supplement made from the fruit of the Serenoa repens tree. It’s often used to treat enlarged prostate, improve urinary function, and enhance hair growth. Some also use the supplement to boost libido and fertility and reduce inflammation.
Application: Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp: N/A
Color: White powder


What is Saw Palmetto Extract?

Saw Palmetto extract is obtained from the berries of the saw palmetto tree. Also known as Sabal serrulata or Serenoa repens, saw palmetto is a green plant that is commonly used in herbal medicine. It is mainly used in fighting hair loss, enhancing hormonal balance, and treating and prostate-related health conditions.

Saw Palmetto Extract uses?

There is a range of Saw Palmetto extract uses, some of which include;

  • Used in preventing and fighting hair loss.
  • It is used in balancing hormones and the treatment of prostate conditions. It can be combined with other medications to help in the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Some individuals use Saw Palmetto for the treatment of cold, cough, chronic bronchitis, sore throat, migraine headaches, and asthma.
  • It can be used as a diuretic to increase urine flow.
  • Saw Palmetto extract can be used to improve sexual drive.
  • It can be used as a sedative to help in relaxation.

Benefits of Saw Palmetto extract 

The Saw Palmetto extract benefits are limitless, and some of them include;

Treatment of BPH

One of the significant benefits reported from the use of this product is that it helps in managing BPH. This is a condition that is characterized by abnormal enlargement of the prostate. Although it is not a severe health issue, patients experience increased need to urinate, and this is where Saw Palmetto extract comes in to help in regulating urine flow. The condition may also result in urinary tract infections and other serious complications, and that’s why it is best if managed on time before things get out of hands.

Fighting hair loss

Research has shown that Saw Palmetto can significantly help in reducing male baldness. It does so by preventing androgenic alopecia, a common kind of hair loss that causes pattern baldness in both females and males.

This product is believed to help in fighting this condition by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT is an androgen-type hormone that causes hair loss, and therefore, if it is not produced, then there will not be any form of hair loss. This hormone is also believed to hinder hair growth or results in the growth of thin and short strands.

A study showed that men that took 200mg daily dosage of saw palmetto showed tremendous improvements in reduced hair loss compared to those that didn’t.

Reduces inflammation

Saw Palmetto has proven to be effective in the treatment of inflammation as it contains methyl gallate and epicatechin, both of which are useful antioxidants. These elements help in fighting damage cells, reducing inflammation, and management of many chronic diseases.

Some studies also showed that this product contains anti-inflammatory properties, which are excellent in the treatment of a range of conditions such as enlarged prostate glands. It reduces swelling, BPH, and improves antioxidant status.

Regulation of testosterone levels

This product is mainly used by men to help them boost their levels of testosterone naturally. This has a significant impact on their overall lives as it helps in improving sex drive, cognition, mood, and body composition. Testosterone levels are mostly affected by age such that they tend to drop as a man gets older, and extreme decrease could lead to heart disease. Saw Palmetto regulates these levels by decreasing the 5α-R activity. 5α-R is an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of testosterone to DHT. By blocking the enzyme, testosterone will not be converted, and this means that it remains at a healthy level.

Studies have shown that palmetto saw can help in improving testosterone levels. Research done on some individuals that used supplements containing this product showed significant improvements in the stability of testosterone levels than those that didn’t.

Saw Palmetto extract helps with erectile dysfunction

Saw Palmetto extract might be useful in the treatment and management of erectile dysfunction and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. According to medics, the ideal size of a healthy prostate should be that of a walnut. However, the size and weight of the prostate only change between birth to puberty. This remains at that constant size for the next like 30 years.

However, some men may develop a prostate disease called BPH, which is characterized by prostate enlargement. Saw Palmetto is commonly used in the management of such symptoms, which in return helps in the management of erectile dysfunction and improving sex drive. There is a strong connection between BPH and sexual dysfunction, such that those that suffer from prostate enlargement have no sexual drive and struggle to maintain an erection. Therefore, by treating BPH, you will be treating sexual dysfunction. This condition is most common in men aged over 60 years, especially those in their 80s.

Saw palmetto extract dosage

The only way you get to enjoy the benefits is if you follow the right Saw palmetto extract. Just like when taking any other form of remedy, it is vital that you confirm the recommended dosage on the packet. Inappropriate use of the extract will result in side effects or no effects at all. You should not make the mistake of overdosing, hoping to get fast results. It is also advisable that you speak to the doctor first to ensure that you are fit to use this product. This is crucial, especially if you are on other medications.

For example, the product does not work well with birth pills as it could affect the hormones in women. It may also slow down blood clotting in individuals that are using antiplatelet medications like aspirin.

The recommended dosage for those with the prostate disease is 320mg taken daily for about two months. The right dosage, however, may differ from one individual to the next based on age, medical history, and gender.

Saw Palmetto Extract powder for sale(Buy Saw Palmetto Extract powder in bulk)

You can buy saw palmetto extract powder online, but you have to be careful to ensure that you get the product from a reliable saw palmetto extract supplier. You may also buy saw palmetto extract powder in bulk, which saves both your time and money. When looking for saw palmetto extract powder for sale, take your time to look for a supplier that you can fully trust to ensure that you get the best quality product. Check reviews, and do not forget to consider the cost of the product when determining the right seller.



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