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Senna leaf extract is an extract that is obtained from a plant which comes from various different flowering species of the plant. The fruits, leaves, and flowers, of the different species of the cassia plant have been applied in tea as a stimulant or laxative for centuries.



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Senna leaf extract powder Specifications

Senna leaf extract powder
The leaves and the fruit of the plant are used to make medicine. Senna is an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative. It is used to treat constipation and also to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight loss.
Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp:
Brownish yellow to dark brown powder


1. What is Senna leaf extract?

Senna leaf extract is an extract that is obtained from a plant which comes from various different flowering species of the plant. The fruits, leaves, and flowers, of the different species of the cassia plant have been applied in tea as a stimulant or laxative for centuries.
The Senna plant leaves are also applied in some teas to assist promote weight loss and relieve constipation. The most commonly used Cassia senna plants are the C. angustifolia  and C. acutifolia plants, that are grown in India and the Middle East. Senna extract is available as a powder, a tea, tablets, or a liquid.


2. Senna leaf extract uses

Discussed below are the different Senna leaf extract uses;

●Treatment of constipation

Taking senna leaf extract by mouth is an effecient short-term treatment of constipation. The leaf extract of Senna plant was approved by FDA as a nonprescription drug for children above two years of age and adults.
However, in children of between two and fifteen years, a drug known as lactulose and mineral oil might be more efficient than taking senna extract. Senna leaf extract also seems to be more efficient in treatment of constipation when combined with docusate sodium or psyllium.
In old people, senna extract combined with psyllium is more efficient than lactulose for the treatment of ongoing constipation. Senna combined with docusate sodium is effective in treatment of constipation in the old people and in patients who had undergone anorectal surgery. Senna leaf extract seems to be as effective as psyllium, docusate, and lactulose, for the treatment of constipation in people who take loperamide or opioids.

●Bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy procedure

Taking senna extract orally is as effective as bisocodyl or castor oil for preparation of bowel. Some scientific evidence shows that senna leaf extract is also as effective as polyethylene glycol for preparation of bowel.
Senna extract seems to be less effective compared to sodium phosphate for cleansing the bowel. A combination of polyethylene glycol, senna, and sodium picosulfate, seems to be more effective compared to sodium phosphate for preparation of bowel before colonoscopy. Combining of simethicone, senna, saline solution, and mannitol prior to bowel imaging, appears to be more effective than taking a similar regimen without senna extract.


3. Senna leaf extract benefits

While several scientific studies have tested Senna leaf extract benefits in capsule or powder form, very few scientific studies have investigated the potential health benefits of taking senna extract tea.
Most studies propose that taking the tea can enhance weight loss and detoxification. Most studies investigating Senna leaf extract benefits focus on its potential for use in treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and others.

●Treatment of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) is disease or syndrome characterized by chronic stomach pain. It comes with abnormal bowel habits such as constipation, diarrhea or the two of them. Stomach ache always starts after taking food and reduces after bowel movement. IBS symptoms include a feeling of incomplete emptying, bloating, and passage of mucus.
Because of its laxative ability, senna leaf extract might assist in the management of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Scientists believe that because this plant induces contractions of colon, it may cause forceful stool movement.

●Other Gastrointestinal Disorders

Studies show that Senna tea may be used in the treatment of bloating. However, there is no enough scientific explanation to support the effectiveness of senna extract in the treatment of this condition.

●Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The extract of Senna leaf possesses anti-inflammatory properties which lower inflammation in the body and particularly in the digestive system.


4. Senna leaf extract dosage

The following Senna leaf extract dosage has been investigated in scientific studies:
The usual Senna leaf extract dosage for general constipation is 17.2 mg per day. You should not take more than 34.4 mg two times per day. You should use 17 mg per day in elderly people. For constipation after pregnancy, 28 mg in two divided dosages has been effectively used.
Senna leaf extract dosage of 75 mg taken the day prior to colonoscopy has proved to be effective. A dosage of 120-150 mg taken one time or two times a day prior to colonoscopy also seems to be effective.
The usual Senna leaf extract dosage in kids age 12 and above, the normal dose is two tablets, with 8.6 mg sennosides one time per day. On the highest side, they should not take a dose of more than four tablets two times per day. In kids aged six to eleven years, the normal dose is a single tablet per day. On the highest side, they should not take a dose of more than two tablets two times per day. In kids aged two to five years, the normal dosage is 0.5 tablets (4.3 mg sennosides) per day. On the highest side, they should not take a dose of more than one tablet (8.6 mg sennosides) two times per day.


5. Senna leaf extract help with erectile dysfunction

If you buy Senna leaf extract 7-Day Cleanse formula, the formula will assist you feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you gently flush out the excess waste. This will enhance flow of blood throughout the body including the sexual organs. The organic senna formula is gluten free and comes with crucial body cleansing properties. Its powerful body cleansing properties are believed to have a positive effect on the erectile function of both men and women.


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