Smilagenin Extract (126-18-1)

Sarsasapogenin is a steroidal sapogenin, that is the aglycosidic portion of a plant saponin. It is named after sarsaparilla (Smilax sp.), a family of climbing plants found in subtropical regions. It was one of the first sapogenins to be identified, and the first spirostan steroid to be identified as such.



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Smilagenin Extract (126-18-1)  Specifications

Name: Smilagenin extract powder
Function: Sarsasapogenin (SAR) is a steroidal sapogenin that is used as starting material for the industrial synthesis of steroids. It has various pharmacological benefits, such as antitumor and antidepressant activities.
Application: Pharmaceutical field; health care product field; cosmetic field; food field.
Storage Temp: N/A
Color: Brownish yellow powder



1. What Is Smilagenin Extract?

Smilagenin extract belongs to the class of steroidal sapogenins. These compounds originate from plant tissues in glycosidic form, known as saponins. Precisely, they derive from the roots of certain species of monocotyledonous vegetation. Saponins are anti-inflammatory compounds, which kill bacteria, fungus, harmful microbes, and cancer cells.

The presence of the ketone spiro acetyl on the product’s spirostan structure has had a significant role in the industrial synthesis of cortisone and sex hormones like progesterone or testosterone. Smilagenin is a natural derivative of plant species like Smilax (Honduran sarsaparilla), Yucca, Anemarrhena, Asparagus, and Agave.

Over the years, smilagenin extract has been a constituent in Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive dysfunctions. Consequently, saponin has drawn the attention of pharmaceutical and medical entities.

Unlike the other steroidal sapogenins, smilagenin is an epimer with a C25 stereochemical configuration.


2. Smilagenin Extract Uses

The Smilagenin extract uses include the treatment of cognitive and age-related disorders and the management of related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, memory impairment, and dementia. Smilagenin is useful where there are deficiencies in the number of postsynaptic memory-bound receptors.

For instance, this product regulates the number of M2 receptors found in the brain. Research studies show that muscarinic M2 affects the expression of certain genes of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


3. Smilagenin Extract Benefits


The smilagenin extract enhances cognitive functions. The product is the ideal prescription for age-related mental dysfunctions like Parkinson’s disease, memory impairment, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, myasthenia gravis, or postural hypotension.

Since the compound upregulates the muscarinic receptors, it exhibits high chances of improving memory. Several studies on murine models affirm the effectiveness of smilagenin extract in reversing aging, improving the decline in cognition, enhancing memory, and learning. Subsequently, the neurological functions of the older mice were comparable to those of the younger generation.

In rats, it only took three months to reverse the cognitive decline of the aged mice.


Smilagenin extract is a derivative of saponin, which is a chemical compound exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties.

Various preclinical trials confirmed that this compound holds back induced paw inflammation in murine models.

Being an anti-oxidant, Smilagenin Extract inhibits reactive oxygen species, therefore, protecting the human cell lines from lipid peroxidation and DNA damage. This property suppresses cancer development within the human cell lines.

Cancer Treatment

Among the exceptional smilagenin extract benefits, its use in cancer treatment stands to be monumental in the medical fraternity.

Some Asian countries have embraced the use of this product as cancer curative. The compound has potent cytotoxicity against cancerous cells within the breast, gastric, liver, and colon.

In a certain preclinical study involving mice with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the administration of smilagenin extract downgraded the dihydrotestosterone levels. Thus, the research scientists boldly affirmed the possible protective effect of the compound against prostate cancer.

In lung carcinomas, this extract works by decreasing the number of nodules within the affected cell lines.

Liver Protection

As a constituent of Chinese traditional medicine, smilagenin extract has proved to be effective in the treatment of liver diseases. The product exhibits anti-hepatocarcinogenic activities. It induces apoptosis on these cancerous cells and prevents any form of toxicity within the liver.


4. Smilagenin Extract Dosage

There are no clinical trials that guide on the most suitable therapeutic dose.

For the preclinical trials, the average smilagenin extract dosage ranges between 10mg/kg and 26mg/kg per day, for 60 days. The primary mode of administration is oral as a supplement in a beverage or foodstuff or as a pharmaceutical composition.

However, basing on the trend of other human-grade saponins, the typical daily dose is less than 2g.


5. Smilagenin Extract Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Smilagenin extract contains saponin. This compound mimics the effects of the reproductive hormones responsible for youthful features, including estrogen and testosterone.

The American Chemist, Mark Russell, worked on sapogenins to produce progesterone and testosterone, leading to the development of corticosteroid anti-inflammatory drugs and contraceptive pills.

Although it does not constitute growth hormones, smilagenin extract plays a significant role in the regulation of human hormones. The compound is not anabolic but it may improve libido, sexual functions, and muscle growth. The presence of saponin in smilagenin extract helps lower menopausal symptoms and aging.


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If you are partial to natural products, smilagenin extract will certainly interest you. Studies confirm that it has some neurodegenerative values, especially to aging patients. Not only does it improve cognition but it also reduces the rate of senescence.

Although it increases the number of postsynaptic receptors, smilagenin extract does not have estrogenic effects. At least, the property is favorable to male patients. The compound is among the few steroidal chemicals which won’t trigger the development of female sexual features in men.

You can buy smilagenin extract for your research and clinical trials. Besides, its efficacy increases when it is incorporated in other supplements as an active ingredient.



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