A quality education and a good career are important for all people. Many people can’t pursue their educational goals every year. At Scienceherb, we value education and provide value to our readers who explore the world of crypto right from the comfort of your home. Our contributors include real-world blockchain engineers who are actively working with top blockchain projects.

We are pleased to announce our very first scholarship “Scienceherb Scholarship” to assist students to achieve their highest educational goals. The $1000 yearly scholarship will be awarded to one (1) student for their education expenses. Further, our aim is to double this amount for next year’s program.



Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount is $1000 and it will be awarded to one student for their education expenses. The Scholarship is tuition-only and will be sent to the financial office. The scholarship is not renewable.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

We want to help a student who is really in need of funds for their studies. Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can apply for the scholarship program, provided they are enrolled in a full-time degree program in an accredited college or graduate school.

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

Applying for the scholarship is easy. We have intentionally made the application process very simple so that only a maximum number of students can apply for it. Only one winner will be selected.

Here are the steps to apply for the scholarship program:

  1. Write an essay of 500+ words on the topic “Everything You Want to Know About Natural Makeup” by reviewing one or more online courses that you have taken and how the course(s) can help you develop your skills. You must submit your essay on or before June 30th, 2020.
  2. All applications should be sent to [email protected] in a Word format only using your academic email (Edu email address). PDFs or Link to Google Docs will not be accepted.
  3. You should mention your full name, your university name, phone number, and email address in the scholarship application.
  4. Make sure your essay is unique, creative and give true value to readers.
  5. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and if we have found that you have copied the article from some other source then your application will be immediately rejected.
  6. You should not provide any other information other than that mentioned above.
  7. After the last day of application, our team will judge your essay on creativity, the value you have provided, and its thoughtfulness.
  8. The winners will be announced on July 15th, 2020and the winner will be notified via email.

How will applications be reviewed?

Our team will manually review each article/application submitted and contact the winner via email no later than July 15th, 2020.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship

NOTE: Scienceherb’s Privacy Policy for all scholarship applicants’ submissions ensures that personal information will not be shared and is for our own internal use only. No information collected during this process will be given to 3rd parties, but Scienceherb.com reserves the right to use the submitted articles as we wish. By submitting an entry to Scienceherb Scholarship, you transfer all rights and ownership of submitted content to Scienceherb.com, regardless of whether your entry is selected as a winner. Scienceherb.com reserves the right to publish submitted work at the conclusion of the entry period in any manner Scienceherb.com deems appropriate.

The winner will be confirmed ONLY after providing proof of enrolment in the form of a copy of a tuition bill, a picture of a current student ID, official or unofficial transcripts, or letter of proof from the accredited college, university, or school at which the winner is enrolled. In the event a winner cannot prove enrolment at a college, university, or school, a secondary winner will be chosen.

Avoiding Scams

  • Scienceherb will never ask you to pay to apply for a scholarship.
  • Scienceherb will never ask you to provide credit card information or social security number.
  • Scienceherb will never guarantee for winning the scholarship money.

If any company or institution requires or does any of the above, the opportunity is most likely a scam. Make sure to report to your local student services office.