Everything You Need to Know About 6-paradol
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1. What is 6-paradol?

6-paradol is naturally found in ginger (Zingiber officinale) grains of paradise (Amomum melegueta). It is the active flavor that is mainly found in the seeds of Guinea pepper (Aframomum melegueta). These seeds are also known as Grains of paradise.

6-paradol (27113-22-0) is a minor component of ginger and is usually formed from 6-gingerol via 6-shogaol. It is known for its anti-oxidative and anti-tumor promoting effects.

2. How does 6-paradol work?

6-paradol mechanism of action involves the promotion of glucose utilization in the C2C12 myotubes and the 3T3-L1 adipocytes.


Everything You Need to Know About 6-paradol


3. 6-paradol dosage

To achieve the best results, the best 6-paradox dosage to take is between 30-50mg per day. Studies have shown that those who have been administered with this amount have realized significant results. You could choose to take it once or two times a day and divide it to 20-30mg per serve.

Most bodybuilders and enthusiastic supplements users use 45-50mg as the optimum dosing range.

At this dose, you will most likely experience an enhanced thermogenic effect caused by the 6-paradol. You will notice this since you will start feeling warmer than usual. If you are working out, expect lots of sweating too.

  • The best time to take it?

There is always the time that every supplement is likely to work best. Being a fat burning supplement, it works best when taken first thing in the morning. It could also work well when taken just before your training or cardio session.

4. 6-paradol uses

  • As a pre-workout Supplement

Have you felt like you have hit a plateau? Maybe you can no longer work out for long without feeling like you are running out of energy. 6-paradol ranks as one of the best pre-workout supplements, primarily when used in a pre-workout stack.

6-paradol uses helps improve body composition hence contributing to your work out goals. Also, it leads to an increase in your workout endurance, allowing you to push through your work out with more intensity. With its use, you can work out for a more considerable period without getting too exhausted.

Besides, 6-paradol has proven to slightly boost testosterone levels due to the anti-estrogenic properties it has. These effects are known to be a significant contributor to rapid muscle gains.

  • As a food additive

6-paradol is a perfect addition to your list of spices since it is known to make food sweeter. Its flavor makes it an excellent addition not only to food but in beverages too. It is often used as an essential oil.

It is the right choice in making food tasty since it is natural as compared to the commercial sweeteners people use nowadays. So if you want to add life to your food and drinks, you can always count on 6-paradol.

  • Improve digestion

If you have suffered from constipation, stomach cramps, or heartburn, you will appreciate the fact that one of the 6-Paradol (27113-22-0) uses is to help with the digestion and breakdown of food. Taking it together with meals helps reduce digestive problems, which are not limited to diarrhea, bloating, and stomach upset. The anti-inflammatory properties it possesses also helps it fight heartburn.

If you always feel some discomfort after a meal, then you should try taking 6-paradol; you might end up forgetting that you just ate something. Generally, 6-paradol is what you could be looking for if you are interested in getting something that will enhance your gut health.

  • Nootropic Supplements

Though people have not yet known 6-paradol as a nootropic, it works like one.  Its bioactive ingredients have proven to help it offer a range of benefits like those of nootropics. Just like other nootropics, 6-paradol enhances brain health by improving one’s motivation, intelligence as well as creativity.

6-paradol also helps protect brain cells against inflammation and anti-oxidation. That contributes to better long-term health and function. Its active ingredient 6-shogaol has also proven to be capable of promoting the central nervous system health.

  • As an aphrodisiac

6-paradol is one of the best sex enhancers we have in the market today. It works by increasing your libido level, thus making your sexual desire stronger and ready to take off.

Being a natural enhancer also gives it a plus since it will most likely not make you suffer from the scary side effects that the synthetic sex enhancers might cause you. You should start taking it today if you want to light up your sex life.


Everything You Need to Know About 6-paradol


5. 6-paradol benefits

  • Regulating hormones

Hormonal imbalance can wreck your appetite, mood, and overall health. With the help of 6-paradol, you can reverse this to achieve balanced hormone levels.

  • Neuroprotective Functions

When we talk of neuroprotection, we refer to the mechanisms that help protect one’s nervous system from injury or damage that could be caused by a health condition that has adverse neurological effects.

6-paradol benefits helps protect against further damage of the nerves and also slows down the degeneration of the central nervous system. In a study done on children with cerebral palsy, 6-paradol, helped reduce its symptoms.

What makes it neuroprotective is due to its anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the brain and the CNS. It could, therefore, come in handy in people who have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and infections of the brain and the central nervous system too.

  • Anti-tumor effect

As much as supplements may not entirely cure or treat cancer, they could be useful in preventing you from suffering from it. 6-paradol is one such supplement that could assist in your cancer recovery as well as protect your body from getting tumors due to its powerful anti-tumor abilities.

  • An effective stimulant

You could be used to caffeine, but you might not have tried 6-paradol. It is the best stimulant you can find, which is now a better alternative compared to caffeine. Imagine having energy and focus boost without the side effects brought about by the use of caffeine.

6-paradol will keep you moving and feeling good all day, and if you want to stay awake and dance all night, then this is the supplement you should be looking for.

  • Lowers blood pressure

Looking for ways to naturally control your blood pressure? Then you could have landed on the right product. The best way to reduce your blood pressure is by losing weight, and that’s what 6-paradol helps you with. It is the secret weapon to losing weight, thus decreasing your blood pressure.

  • Improved lipid profile

If your lipid profile is not on the right levels, that means that you could become ill. Well, the good news is that taking 6-paradol could lower your cholesterol levels and reduce the amount of fat in your system.


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6. 6-paradol use for Fat loss

As you may already know, losing weight is not a walk in the park. You may run, run until you cannot do it anymore, and end up not shedding the weight. If you have been trying shedding weight and not getting the results you want to see, then you should try the 6-paradol fat loss benefits.

  • Want some evidence?

A four-week study was done on nineteen men, and each of them was administered with 40mg 6-paradol every day. They were then placed in a cold room that was air-conditioned with little clothing and their feet placed on top of ice blocks that were wrapped for two hours. After this, they were to be examined for brown adipose tissue activation. Their brown adipose tissue activity had increased, leading to an increase in energy expenditure.

Another four-week study done on women involved taking 6-paradol or a placebo before meals. At the end of the study period, those who had taken 6-paradol, experienced loss of abdominal fat. The group that was on placebo had gained more fat in their lower abdomen. No dieting or exercises were done during the study period.

Here is a detailed explanation of how 6-paradol increases your body’s fat expenditure;

  • Increase the metabolic rate at rest

Many people believe that for you to lose weight, you ought to work out intensely. That comes with the belief that for you to shed weight, you have to decrease your caloric intake (diet) and, at the same time, increase the number of calories you take out (through exercise). Surprisingly, you could shed the stubborn pounds without moving an inch. If you can lose weight while at rest, you are more likely to lose a lot and even manage it easily.

Studies suggest that 6-paradol fat loss benefits are as a result of the fact that it increases your daily energy expenditure without reducing calories or even an increase in exercise. A dosage of 30mg was found to improve one’s daily energy expenditure by around 100 calories.

That means that with its use, you do not have to worry about exercise and diet. You could pay less attention to what you eat and how much you work out and still supercharge your weight loss.

  • Conversion of the white adipose tissue to brown adipose tissue

Did you know that body fat is made up of different colors? Scientists say that there are two types and colors of stored body fat. There is the white adipose tissue, which has a roundish shape as well as a large diameter. Usually, it is mostly composed of one giant lipid droplet and a thin rim that is made up of the nucleus and the cytoplasm. It stores food converted to adipose tissue and is mostly all the fat that piles up around your mid-section. It is also known as visceral fat.

The brown fat is also referred to be beige, brite, or inducible BAT. The difference between them is that brown adipose tissue is made up of much smaller cells, and its activation leads to the burning of fat. Its primary function is to regulate body temperature when one is exposed to cold.

Studies have shown that 6-paradol can convert the white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue hence making the stored bored fat more usable as energy. Also, the brown adipose tissue uses blood glucose and lipids, thus improving glucose metabolism and lipid levels. Therefore, the more the amount of brown adipose tissue you have, the more body fat the body fat that will be used up as energy, thus an increase in your daily energy expenditure.

7. 6-paradol powder for sale

Gone are the days when you could not tell where to buy your supplements. The hustle was real then. You had to walk from store to store to the supermarket, mall, and drugstore asking for your favorite supplement. The worst thing could be moving around the whole day only to end up not getting what you were looking for. Even worse, if you got the product, you would feel pressured to purchase the product then and there.

These days there are many places you could buy 6-paradol powder. Thanks to the internet, you do not have to even step outside your door to purchase anything. Getting it online not only makes your work easy, but it also makes your shopping experience convenient. You also the opportunity to read more about the fantastic supplement before settling on the purchase.

 There are many online sellers today, and you may have a hard time choosing the best one for. What you need to know is that as much as all of them will promise gold, not all of them will deliver it.

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